Welcome to Grenada Hash House Harriers.

We are an enthusiastic group of “drinkers with a running problem” that meet every Saturday afternoon for a fun walk or run in different locations around Grenada.

Grenada Hash House Harriers is  one of the largest hash groups in the world and have between 150 and 300 regular runners and walkers of all ages and fitness levels participating every week.

Grenada’s kennel was founded by Paul “Rigor Mortis” Slinger in 1985 and the group of hashers grows every week with new hashers being introduced to this “crazy” fun at every event. New hashers “virgins” are always welcome to join in the fun, just arrive on time at the location of the next hash wearing clothes and shoes suitable for a walk or run through the bush.

Grenada HHH have just finished celebrating their 1000th hash and we had well over 400 hashers attending the main event. Big thanks to all the organizers that arranged the 1 week celebration and to all the local and foreign hashers hat came out to celebrate!


Thank-you to all the sponsors of the Grenada HHH 1000th Hash

Drinkers with a running problem