Hash #957

Hash #957Hash #957 was held at the Providence Junction in St, David’s and two lovely  trails were set though this lush jungle terrain by our Hash Mistress Commando, Girl Guide and Saber Tooth.

The rain the previous evening and that morning ensured that all hashers shoes and a few rear ends were covered in mud. Both trails were at least 90% bush and the runners trail had 4 river crossings through the lovely clear waters – which you needed just to give your hands a quick wash after scrambling and sliding up and down the slippery mud slopes.

Commando already in the Christmas spirit had a beer/water stop halfway through the hash  – Thanks Annie – that was a pleasant surprise for all the hashers!

Hash #957 We had a few visiting hashers from the UK and they said they enjoyed the GH3 hash so much that they will be coming back for our 1000th hash next year.

DJ Garvin provided the music and luckily the rain held off for the rest of the day and evening, so hashers could enjoy their food, drinks and lime.


Hash #956

Hash #956Hash #956 was held at Cool Breeze Bar, St George – next to the National Stadium and was changed from what was going to be a night hash to  regular 3:30pm hash due to a challenging trail.

The hares Bling Ting, Rear Entry, Wrong Erection and the rest of the “Bling Crew” made sure we had some wonderful views on both he runner and walkers trails.

I think the hares stood at the location, looked around them at all the hills and mountains – found the absolute highest point they could and said – perfect – we will hash up there!


Hash #956So we hashed up the great uphill trail to the highest point (with wonderful views) and when we got back down to sea-level – the trail made a left turn and we hashed right on up another great hill!

Lovely bush trails, with shade which was needed as the day was really humid and hot after the mornings rain.  Good music, food, drinks and dozens of sweaty muddy hashers are all the ingredients required for a great after hash lime.

Thanks Bling Ting and Crew for a wonderful hash & lime!


Hash #955

Hash #955Hash #955 was held at Velma’s Shop, Windsor Forest in St David and 2 wonderful trails were set by “Respect D Banana“.

The weather added extra excitement and challenges to the already muddy and slippery trail when the heavens opened and rain poured down on most hashers that were still on the trail.

It was probably one of the coolest hashes we have had in a long time and everyone enjoyed the trails. Somehow our expert hare managed to set a trail with more downhills than uphills – lets see if anyone else knows how to repeat that impossibility!

Two disasters were avoided, the first being they almost ran out of Stag – this was quickly rectified by bringing in an emergency supply! The second was finding a missing hasher in the dark and rain – thanks to the hare and volunteer hashers that assisted in the rescue.

Dietmar Hash #955Dietmar finally received a hash name this hash after he was noticed repeatedly falling and slipping and each time saying “Oh Shit”. He received the German version of that saying and will from hereon be known as “Scheisse” and I’m sure he will carry his new name with pride.

Thank-you Resect D Banana for two great trails and another fantastic hash.


Hash #954

Hash #954Hash #954 was held at Chickie’s Bar, New Hampshire, St, George’s, so we had some really lovely countryside and bush available.

The hare Girl Guide (Jamar) made full use of every hill and slope to create what some hashers were calling an “endurance” runners trail!

The runners trail was fantastic, with lots of scrambling up steep hills and sliding down muddy slopes and at times it felt like we did most of the trail at a 45 degree angle. Dogs were pushed up the really steep slopes and quite a few hashers took the easy way down some of  the muddy slopes (on their rear ends)!

The walkers had an easy trail – too easy and short for some of them and a few serious walkers did the walkers trail twice.

Unfortunately for Jamar, he received a down down for the too short walkers trail and for Doggy Style spraining her ankle on his trail (which she managed to do on the only non slippery flat section of the trail).

954bCommando our hash mistress, Jawise and quite a few other hashers with birthdays in November, all received their birthday Carib’s. The after hash lime was enjoyed by all, with lots of dancing, good food, drinks and music.

Thanks Girl Guide – it was definitely a trail to remember!