Hash #961 – Christmas

Hash #961Hash #961 our Christmas Hash was held on Christmas Eve at the bar in Dragon’s Bay, Moliniere, St George. The Bling Ting Crew set two trails for us (or did they?)

The trails started off with a false trail, so half the group started off on the return route and to add even more confusion to the trail, the runners and walkers split had been turned into a large blob of paper, so no-one was aware of what trails they were actually on! Even with all the confusion, the trails were splendid with lots of bush, hills, wonderful views and extra slippery muddy slopes.

Hash #961The Christmas after hash lime was  turned out fabulously and the DJ kept the party going with a wide variety of music. Lots of hashers dressed up in their red and Santa outfits and accessories, even the hash dogs played their part.

The hashers were given free food as a special Christmas treat. The bar could not keep up with the hungry & thirsty hashers and a few helpful people did help out behind the bar for a while. Thank-you Doggy Style, Sat Nav, Cheap Fares and Bling Ting for assisting.

Santa Clause made a brief appearance but I do no think the hashers had been tat well behaved this year as his sack of presents was still pretty full when he left! A bottle of rum and hashing gloves were prizes given out to the best dressed Mr & Ms Santa. and birthday wishes and Carib’s were awarded to John & Mona for their 67th and 21st birthdays.

Thank-you Bling Ting and your crew for putting on another great hash. Wishing all Grenada Hashers a safe and happy festive season and all the best for the new year.

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Hash #960

Hash #960Hash #960 was held  at the Deslyn Lewis’ Residence, Montreuil, St. Patrick near Mt Rich  clean fresh country air and spectacular hills, bush and rivers. The hare for the hash was Crisis who lived up to his hash name for the runners trail!

Crisis set two trails, a walkers and runners with a bit of a muddy slope for everyone to climb at the beginning – the recent deluge of rain the previous few days did add to the excess of muddy ground.

The runners trail took you up to the top of a ridge and then a rope climb/sllde down the slope to the clean clear river from the Glenec spring. The Silkwood tree that the rope was attached to had a trunk the size of a small house (a few hundred years old).

Hash #960Smiley was welcomed back to the hash with a few Caribs – one at the start of the hash for bright orange new shoes and another after the hash for being away for so long!

A good variety of food was provided at the end of the hash, along with music & beers! Thanks Crisis for a lovely trail!


Hash #959

Hash #959Hash #959 was held in the pasture in Mt Airy, St Pauls. The hares for the hash Dominatrix and Cow Tail set two trails (a runners and a walkers) each with river crossings.

Both trails started off through some lovely bush areas, across a few rivers and included lots of steep downhill slopes .

Unfortunately what goes down must come up and after the last river crossing we exited the bush and headed uphill for what felt like ages along the road that took us through a cemetery and back to the venue.

Hash #959Commando our current hash mistress announced that she will be stepping down next month and handing the reins over to Bush Blackberry (Brian Steele).  We hope all of you make an effort to come to the hash on the 7th January 2017 for the Big Bamboo Ceremony to hand over the hash mistress/master position.

Music, drinks and slightly delayed food caused for some very interesting photo’s at the after hash lime. A good time was had by all – thank-you hares for your effort and to the hashers that always participate with such enthusiasm and a whole lot of misbehaving!



Hash #958

Hash #958Hash #958 was held at Travellers Bar, Grand Mal in St George’s and a super trail was set by the whole Bling Ting Crew (Jahwise, Rear Entry, Wrong Erection, John, Back Door , Slow Cum  and Danny).

In what is becoming a signature move with the Bling Ting Hares, they stood at the start point Travellers Bar” turned around in a full circle and looked for the absolute highest point they could find and said – yes – we will hash up there!

Hash #958The hash started off with a hill that almost reached the heavens and then the sneaky hares caught all the FRB’s out with having a false trail off a false trail – which made for a whole lot of extra hard running to gt back in front. The rest of the uphill climb was through lovely dense bush and once you got to the absolute top of the hill, the hares had laid two side trails for everyone to enjoy the scenic views.

The downhill was probably a trickier trails for most as there was lots of slippery mud, but this was more than made up for by the fantastic trails through the bush and over river stones. There was photographic evidence that quite a few hashers unintentionally slid down the muddy slopes on their rear ends!

Monkey Business almost lost a few of his virgin hashers (again) but luckily they ambled back in at around 6pm – before it got dark. Food, drink, music and muddy and sweaty hashers all enjoyed the after hash lime.

Thank-you Bling Ting Crew for another super hash!