Hash #977

Hash #977Hash #977 was held on 22nd April 2017 at Chocolate City Bar, Richmond, St. Andrew. The hare for the hash Chearvon “Cheap Fares” Benjamin chose a beautiful area for a good bush trail and we had not been in that particular region for a little while.

“Cheap Fares” and helpers which included ‘New Vagina” and “Crisis” set 3 trails, a short walkers, long walkers and a runners trail.  Firstly I must compliment the hares on a super bush trail which showed a lot of enthusiasm in looking for good routes and trying to get the hashers to see waterfalls and  a few river crossings. BUT – why oh why – make all the runners and long walkers do a 1 mile detour to see a waterfall only to turn around and go back along the same trail. This backfired in that only the first 4 or 5 runners went all the way to the waterfall, as soon as everyone saw us coming back, they turned around and headed back – this could have been avoided by making it a loop.

Hash #977The other issue was that the long walkers and runners trails were too long, we had many, many hashers coming back very late and some after dark and after the ceremony. Our Hashmaster “Grab De Pussy” did his second week in a row after hash ceremony in the dark! Luckily all the virgins were back to get de-virginised and a bad hasher was punished for the multiple crimes of picking fruit, avoiding the virgin ceremony and not christening her new shoes. “Grab de Pussy” received a birthday down down via the Wizards Sleeve and “Cheap Fares” received a down down for putting up HHH signs a little late.

Food, beer and music was good and eventually all the hashers did return from their “longer than 1 hour” ordeal in the bush.  Thank-you hares – although the trails were long – they were great bush trails that took a lot of effort and time to set.

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Hash #976

Hash #976Hash #976 was held on 15th April 2017 at St. Michael’s RC School, Byelands, St. Andrews. The hare for the day was Jamar “Girl Guide” Charles and he was assisted by John “Sat Nav” Hoven and Steven Brown.

In true “Girl Guide” style two excellent (but very long)Runner and Walkers trails were set, with a good mix of steep uphill, steep downhill, jungle, bush, dirt road and a little concrete and tar road. Luckily some hashers go the heads up that the trails were a little long and opted to do the walkers trail.

There were three Run/Walk splits along the trail, which did give people doing the runners trail an option of a shorter route if they were struggling. Sorry walkers – there were no short cuts on your trail 🙂


Hash #976Due to the long trail, our hash master “Grab de Pussy” got to do his first closing ceremony in the dark. The ceremony went off smoothly and luckily all our virgins got back from the trail to celebrate their de-virginisation and receive their certificates.

Johannes was called up as he was spotted by “Grab de Pussy” hashing in new shoes that had not been christened! This unforgivable crime was aptly rectified by Johannes christening his new (now muddy) shoe with the addition of the wizards sleeve. Unfortunately for Johannes his shoes were so large, two Caribs were poured in and there was still room to spare!

Hash #976

The hares (Girl Guide, Sat Nav & Steven Brown) were called up to be congratulated on a wonderful hash and to receive a little punishment for a VERY long trail requiring our hash master to do his ceremony in the dark.

Good food, drinks and music was enjoyed by all that could still party on their tired legs.

Thank-you hares for another fantastic hash



Hash #975

Hash #975Hash #975 was held on 8th April 2017 at MarlMount, St. David. The hares for the hash “Hand Job” and “Bald Rummer”, used a good start/end location that was well off the main road.

Hand Job” and “Bald Rummer” upheld their reputation and set two fantastic trails, a runners trail of 5.5 miles and a shorter walkers trail. Although there were a few runners that did not listen to instructions (“Grandad” and “OnePace – to name a few), that managed to accidentally skip the last mile of the runners trail and joined up with the walkers trail instead. Both trails were excellent – although that 1st false trail did catch all the FRB’s!. The runners trail was good running, with a fair share of hills and beaches. The walkers trail had no shortage of hills, views and beaches and was enjoyed by all!

Hash #975There were 28 virgins at the de-virginising ceremony – although we had to hunt a few down at the end – they were busy resting and partying and did not heed the call to come forward and get their certificates. Dave “fat lad at the back” and Susie celebrated their birthdays in true hash style, although Susie managed to get the hashmaster to wear her beer.

Sat Nav” was punished for wearing new shoes (even though he said he did not hash in them) and managed to drink out of both shoes as he incorrectly gave his right shoe over first. As a Hash Maco he should have known better! The free bottle of wine was awarded to the winner in a dance competition.

Good food, excellent music and some dancing finished off another great hash day. Thank-you hares for your great efforts!

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Hash #974

Hash #974Hash #974 was held on 1st April 2017  at Wayne Lewis’ Bar, Petit Bacaye, St. David. Even though this hash location was down the road from last week”s hash, the hare “Jack Sparrow” (Patrick Bowen) managed to find trails that covered totally different areas.

There were two trails a Runners and Walkers, both wonderful trails with quite a few hills, scenic views and lots of bush! The highlight of the runners trail was a beer stop near the end!

Four virgins forgot to sign in at the end of the hash, which delayed the ceremony a little while, our hashmaster “Grab de Pussy” made sure that they were appropriately punished for that infraction! There were 3 birthday down-downs and “Cradle Snatcher” did get her fair share of the “Birthday Celebration” beer dished out quite generously by the Maco’s and “Anal Retentive”.

Hash #974Simon “AC/DC” Clay, tried to dodge the new shoe ceremony by firstly hiding his shoes at the beginning of the hash and then as they were the exact same colour and make as his old shoes, tried to pass them off as the old pair. He was suitable punished and given a wonderful hair conditioning beer shower.

Good food & music for the after hash, Thank-you “Jack Sparrow” and “The Bling Team” for a wonderful hash.

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Hash #973

hash #973Hash #973 was held on 25th March 2017 at Westerhall Secondary School, Westerhall, St. Davids. The hares for the hash  “Wrong Hole” and “Scarf Face” outdid themselves with the trails setting 4 trails; Namby Pamby, Short Walkers, Long Walkers and Runners.

The turnout of hashers was incredible and luckily there was ample parking on the premises. The trails were loved by all although they were VERY long, the runners trail of 6.5 miles with quite a few hills thrown in at the end was a challenge for some, with the long walkers being much the same. The trails all had a wonderful variety of beaches, bush, rivers, uphills, downhills and one murky swamp!

hash #973After the de-virginising ceremony, “Clinically Moonstruck” was awarded hash shit of the week and suitably punished for breaking a bridge on the tail and making all hashers after him walk through murky water. “Anal Retentive” had a large birthday celebration and a really crazy hash cake was made with the ingredients being 1 x Karim, lots of beer, a bag of flour, some eggs, whipped cream and some rainbow sprinkles.

The after hash party was great with good food, drinks and music.  Thank-you hares for the wonderful trails, they must have taken a long time to find and set.

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