Hash #984

Hash #973

hash #973Hash #973 was held on 25th March 2017 at Westerhall Secondary School, Westerhall, St. Davids. The hares for the hash  “Wrong Hole” and “Scarf Face” outdid themselves with the trails setting 4 trails; Namby Pamby, Short Walkers, Long Walkers and Runners.

The turnout of hashers was incredible and luckily there was ample parking on the premises. The trails were loved by all although they were VERY long, the runners trail of 6.5 miles with quite a few hills thrown in at the end was a challenge for some, with the long walkers being much the same. The trails all had a wonderful variety of beaches, bush, rivers, uphills, downhills and one murky swamp!

hash #973After the de-virginising ceremony, “Clinically Moonstruck” was awarded hash shit of the week and suitably punished for breaking a bridge on the tail and making all hashers after him walk through murky water. “Anal Retentive” had a large birthday celebration and a really crazy hash cake was made with the ingredients being 1 x Karim, lots of beer, a bag of flour, some eggs, whipped cream and some rainbow sprinkles.

The after hash party was great with good food, drinks and music.  Thank-you hares for the wonderful trails, they must have taken a long time to find and set.

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Hash #984

Hash #972

Hash#972Hash # 972 was held on Saturday 19th March 2017 in Hermitage, St. Patrick – always a lovely location for bush trails and hills with views and a hot spring close by.. The hare for the hash was “Crisis” and he was assisted by Ken, Steven, Ras,  Chearvon,  Rockelle and Mona.

The hares set two lovely trails a walkers and a runners, which were totally separate trails other than the first few 100 meters. The walkers loved the trail and it had at least 3 false trails for them, one very long one that took you to an excellent view on top of a hill (thanks Ken). The runners trail was a little short for some, but was good in that there was not much road and the second half of the trail had some fun running sections. The hares did so well that they were awarded the bottle of wine prize supplied by Fast Manicou.


Hash#972The de-virginisation ceremony was smoothly run and one escapee virgin was caught and given her due punishment. Another was punished for bringing back a little too much mud from the trail in the most unlikely places? Rockelle was wished happy birthday with a celebratory warm Carib shower and “Saber Tooth” was given a down down for starting a little ahead of the pack.

Everyone loved the food and the drinks were all ice cold, it was a little funny watching the poor barmen digging down deep in barrels of ice to find the correct drinks, their hands were frozen solid.

Thank-you hares and hashers for another fantastic hash.

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Hash #984

Hash #971

Hash #971Hash #971 was held on Saturday 11th March 2017 at Poterie near Mt Carmel Falls. The hares for the hash were Gary “SS Useless” and he was assisted by “Grandad” and “Saber Tooth“. The hash was called Gary”s B’Day hash even though he tried many times to convince everyone that it was not  – he was caught at the closing ceremony and a hash cake was made. The hash cake was a fine mix of ingredients: 1 x Gary, lots of Carib, a few eggs and flour!

There were four trails set for the hash, long & short walkers and long & short runners and all the trails were really good bush trails and easy running for the most part. The only complaint the hashers made (“Dead” being the loudest complainer) was that here were too many false trails and they were long! What do you expect when you have “Grandad” assisting in the trails!

Hash #971The after party was good with DJ Small Clothes, the bar did struggle to keep up with the demand for cold beer and at one stage there was a bit of a panic when they ran out of cold Stag but this was fixed pretty quickly.

The de-virginising ceremony went off smoothly, followed by the Gary B’Day hash cake celebration. George was given a down down for leaving items on the trail – he managed to loose the soles of both his shoes on the hash and his dear friends reported this misdemeanor to the hash master.

Thank-you  hares and hashers for another fantastic hash!

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Hash #984

Hash #970

Hash #970Hash #970 was held on 4th March 2017 at Dean’s Horizon, Palmiste, St. John. The hares for the hash Respect De Banana and Girl Guide managed to set two lovely trails with lots of bush. There were a couple of moans that the trail was a little short but it seems that all the runners missed the 3rd Run/Walk split and so left out an extra loop.

Deans Horizon being right on the coast lures most hashers into the sea for a cool down swim after a hot run/walk. Our Hash Master Grab De Pussy took a day off hashing to celebrate his brothers 50th birthday, so our old Hash Mistress “Commando” took the reigns for the day. A few new shoes were christened including Jahwise’s extra large shoe which SS Useless determined needed 3 Carib’s to fill it for the christening.

Hash #970After a great hash, and the de-virginising ceremony a few down-downs were handed out. Always Wet received her punishment for leaving items on the trail – luckily another hasher found and picked up her inhaler and returned it to Commando after the hash. Earlan Willi being in the UK nominated Anal Retentive to have his birthday drink for him and there was no shortage of hashers dying  to make sure Karim was soaked through!

Good hash, great party – thank-you hares!

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Hash #984

Hash #969

hash #969Hash #969 was held on 25th February 2017 at Fort Wolf, Gouyave, St. John. The location for the start and end of the hash at Fort Wolf is fantastic, a little bar on the side of a steep slope leading down to a river that is perfect for cooling down.

There was a big downpour on the morning of the hash which required the hares to make some last minute modifications to both the runners and walkers trails. The day had rain on and off before, during and after the hash, which made for good mud and a nice cool run.

The Bling Ting Crew of hares added a couple of ropes to the walkers trail and added (a little too much) road to the runners trail. Both trails started off up and up a steep hill, the run/walk split was right at the beginning and the runners merged with he walkers soon after causing a slight bottleneck. There was another run/walk split near the top of the hill and the runners had some exciting slopes and a small river hop/crossing. The highlight of the trail was the end which finished in the river beneath the bar, everyone got to have a swim and rise most of the mud off their clothes and shoes.

hash #969The de-virginizing ceremony went off smoothly and we had to do an extra down down for 3 virgin girls that arrived VERY late for the hash (about 20 mins after everyone had finished).

Kelly “Rear Entry” Henry received the Wizards Sleeve punishment for picking Cashew on the trail and allowing the criminal act to be photographed for evidence!

The after hash party was fantastic and enjoyed by all, good food & drink, great music and a covered dance floor kept the party going late.

Thanks again Bling Ting & Crew for an excellent hash.

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Hash #984

Hash #968

Hash #968Hash #968 was held on Saturday 19th February 2017  at Beausejour Playing Field, St. George. The hares for the hash “Dominatrix”, “CowTail” and Rockell did an outstanding job of setting two lovely bush trails.

Both the Runners and Walkers trail started with a long but not too steep uphill and then went through a few pastures (complete with cows and bulls) and through some excellent bush trails. The runners trail did 5 river crossings and quite a few runners stopped off for a cool-down swim at the last big pool.

The after hash ceremony de-virginised the usual newbies, then did an extra ceremony for 2 virgins that missed out on the 1st ceremony. Our hash master “Grab De Pussy” does no favors for family and his poor cousin Reeva got a down down for apparently collecting virgin certificates!

Hash #968

“Grandad” was grabbed halfway through the Virgin ceremony to get his warm Carib shower to celebrate his 65th birthday. “Dead” was called up and given the Dotty Potty and Wizards sleeve for not only wearing yellow for the red dress hash last week – but for neglecting to set the trail when he was the hare!

The bar was pretty well stocked and food was good and quickly handed out. Thanks hares for a wonderful hash!

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Hash #984

Hash #967 – Red Dress Hash

hash #967 - Red Dress RunHash #967 was our annual Red Dress Hash and was held on 11th February 2017 at Umbrellas Restaurant, Grand Anse, St George. Well if there is one hash in the year that is not to be missed it s this one! Our hashers both male and female went all-out in their red dress attire.

The hares for the hash Grandad, Saber Tooth, SS Useless and Doggy Style  set two wonderful trails that made sure that most of the Grand Anse population got a really good look at our sexy red dressed guys. The hares threw in a few hills, some bush, beach and one or two very dodgy false trails (set by SS Useless) with no X marking the end. The finale of the hash trail paraded the hashers right through Spiceland Mall much to the entertainment and amusement of the staff and customers.

hash #967 - Red Dress RunThere was a competition after the hash for the best dressed guy – this was narrowed down to two Brian’s (one of which was our hashmaster Grab De Pussy). The winner was decided after a wining competition and unfortunately it seems our hashmaster needs to work on his moves a bit more! SS Useless was punished for his false trails “up a hill” with no X.

Well done to all the hashers that made an effort to either wear red or wear a red dress, a really entertaining time was had by all.

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Hash #984

Hash #965

Hash #965Hash #965 was held at Good Hope Pasture, St Paul’s and two trails were set by Gary “SS Useless” Lewis and Dylan “No Name” Charles.

Luckily the weather had cleared up over the last few days, so this hash was not as muddy as the previous few and the 4 river crossings were easily manageable by all. the runners trail was fantastic and you could actually run most of it, there were 7 false trails and most the FRB’s landed up doing at least 6 of the 7 false trails. The walkers say their trail was good too – but too short! The only bad part of the trail was that I think the hares ran out of paper at the end, so there were a few very confused hashers half a mile off from the end – most followed the music back and eventually everyone did make it back in time for the closing ceremony.

The closing ceremony was quite a blast, after the Virgin’s blessing and “Short Prick” getting a down down for premature ejaculation, the hares were supposed to get a down down for a variety of misdemeanors. Trying to catch and hold down “SS Useless” was a challenge and virtually impossible but after is warm Carib shower he made sure Dylan – his partner in crime got his fair share.

Hash #965The chaos came about when Hashmaster “Grab De Pussy” wanted to give away the free bottle of wine. The challenge was to catch “Clinically Moonstruck”, which “Anal Retentive” won hands down. “SS Useless” thought that was too easy and said the guys must “wine” for their wine. “Anal Retentive” and “Sex Problem” had a great wining competition going on until they were ambushed and put to shame by a lady hasher!

Great fun, good food and music – thank-you hares for the excellent hash.

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Hash #984

Hash #964

Hash #964Hash #964 was held in Victoria, St Marks (Sunset City) and the last week of constant rain sure did add to the mud and entertainment of a hash.

The hares for the day were “Dominatrix”, Rockell, “Cowtail” and Tyrone and they set two trails a runners and a walkers.

For the runners that did the correct trail (a few seemed to miss the 5 foot R and W split), the runners trail was fantastic. There were steep uphills, river crossings, 3 or 4 rope sections down slippery embankments, quite a few steep downhills without rope, one fence climb over and lots of muddy puddles – your typical ingredients for a great hash trail!



Hash #964The walkers trail however, which is never supposed to have rope sections and should be “achievable by all” – had exactly the same tough beginning as the runners trail, including the rope sections and fence climb-over! Our Hash Master called it an Iron-man beginning!

Luckily all our hash walkers a tough and determined and every-one made it back safely – although many, many hashers were covered in mud from head to toe.

The amount of mud brought back from the trail, prompted our Hash Master “Grab De Pussy” to hold a muddiest butt competition and the winner received a bottle of wine.

Our hares were brought to trial for having an “iron-man” section on the beginning of the walkers trail and one of our Hash Maco’s (Cheap Fares) sprained her wrist. Dominatrix took the punishment for the team of hares and opted to wear the Dotty Potty contents of warm Carib.

Hash #964Good music, food, beer and even ice-cream were in abundance for the after hash lime and luckily the weather played nice for us and the rain held off for the whole hash and after party.

Thank-you hares for your great efforts!

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Hash #984

Hash #963

Hash #963Hash #963 was held at Eve’s Cove, Woodford, St John and was our new Hash Master “Grab De Pussy” first hash that he was officially presiding over.

The hares Rosanne & Kimon set 3 great trails as always and they even had to do modifications to the trails the day before as there was supposed to be a swimming section on the extreme runners trail which was removed due to big waves.

There was a runners, long walkers and a short walkers trail, all of which had a good mix of uphill, downhill, bush and road. The runners trail  had a little beach section and some really slippery steep slopes for an extra challenge.
Hash #963There was a fair amount of virgins to be christened after the hash and a few punishments. Reg was punished via Dotty Potty for wearing his hash T-shirt inside out and when he foolishly put it back on it was inside out again – so he received a double punishment.

AC/DC took great delight in handing out a hash name “Gag Reflex”  to a new hasher (Laura) that happened to say the wrong thing to him during the hash. When coming to a steep downhill section of the trail, she said go ahead and pass me, “I’m really bad at going down”.

Hash #963Anal Retentive and Girl Guide handed in their resignation as hash police after 5 faithful years of serving – Thank-you guys for all your hard work. Cradle Snatcher and Saber Tooth have been asked to try and fill your shoes – let see how that goes!

Thanks “Grab De Pussy” and the hares for another wonderful hash & after hash lime.

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