Hash #955

Hash #955Hash #955 was held at Velma’s Shop, Windsor Forest in St David and 2 wonderful trails were set by “Respect D Banana“.

The weather added extra excitement and challenges to the already muddy and slippery trail when the heavens opened and rain poured down on most hashers that were still on the trail.

It was probably one of the coolest hashes we have had in a long time and everyone enjoyed the trails. Somehow our expert hare managed to set a trail with more downhills than uphills – lets see if anyone else knows how to repeat that impossibility!

Two disasters were avoided, the first being they almost ran out of Stag – this was quickly rectified by bringing in an emergency supply! The second was finding a missing hasher in the dark and rain – thanks to the hare and volunteer hashers that assisted in the rescue.

Dietmar Hash #955Dietmar finally received a hash name this hash after he was noticed repeatedly falling and slipping and each time saying “Oh Shit”. He received the German version of that saying and will from hereon be known as “Scheisse” and I’m sure he will carry his new name with pride.

Thank-you Resect D Banana for two great trails and another fantastic hash.


Hash #954

Hash #954Hash #954 was held at Chickie’s Bar, New Hampshire, St, George’s, so we had some really lovely countryside and bush available.

The hare Girl Guide (Jamar) made full use of every hill and slope to create what some hashers were calling an “endurance” runners trail!

The runners trail was fantastic, with lots of scrambling up steep hills and sliding down muddy slopes and at times it felt like we did most of the trail at a 45 degree angle. Dogs were pushed up the really steep slopes and quite a few hashers took the easy way down some of  the muddy slopes (on their rear ends)!

The walkers had an easy trail – too easy and short for some of them and a few serious walkers did the walkers trail twice.

Unfortunately for Jamar, he received a down down for the too short walkers trail and for Doggy Style spraining her ankle on his trail (which she managed to do on the only non slippery flat section of the trail).

954bCommando our hash mistress, Jawise and quite a few other hashers with birthdays in November, all received their birthday Carib’s. The after hash lime was enjoyed by all, with lots of dancing, good food, drinks and music.

Thanks Girl Guide – it was definitely a trail to remember!


Hash #953 – Halloween

Our Halloween hash this year was held in Corrinth and was a night hash  with not much moon, so it was suitably dark and scary. The hares Wrong Erection, Jahwise, John and the rest of the Bling team did a fine job setting an easy 1 trail route through the bush, compete with a few dead bodies and scary monsters popping out at unexpected times.

Lots of the hashers came dressed up in their scary Halloween outfits and a competition was held at the end for the best costume – it was impossible for the audience to choose one great costume and after a dance-off (where the hash mistress showed us her stuff) – the prizes were shared between a few scary contestants.

Chearvon was awarded her hash name of “Cheap Fares” – for the terrible crime of getting a lift in a car back to the end of the hash after she had finished her job of popping out and scaring hashers during the trail.

Thanks to the hares for organising a good hash and to all the hashers that came to celebrate Halloween together.


Hash #952 – Rum Runner

Rum Runner Hash startSometimes a new idea turns out to be a fabulous experience that must be repeated annually. So it was for our 1st Rum Runner hash!

A group of 250 hashers boarded the Rum Runner on Saturday afternoon and travelled to a secret location for a hash. The boat finally stopped at BBC beach and after a quick briefing from the hares, hashers poured down the gangway onto the beach to the familiar war cry of On On.


Rum Runner arriving at beach

The hash was short but with some killer hills thrown in just so we could all admire the views. Food, drinks and a wonderfully cool beach swim were all waiting for us after the hash.

After a brief lime at BBC beach, hashers returned to The Rum Runner and we spent an enjoyable couple of hours having a hash party on board while the boat cruised the coastline of Grenada.



Hash Sports Day

Hash Olympics Sports day was held at Tanteen playing field in St George and WOW – what a fun time was had by all.

Hashers were divided up into four teams – each team named after a past hasher:

  • Black Team (Brain Damaged)
  • Green Team (Bush Princess)
  • Orange Team (Hooligan)
  • Yellow Team (Short Arse)

Yellow Team WinsThe day started out with a 1500 meter race and then a full team band march. From then on it was game on with races like the 4 legged race, the beer mile, the backwards race, the wheelbarrow race, the shoelaces tied race, the lime and spoon race, pass the cocoa race, the over 50 year old race, tug of war and many more. There are some really funny video clips of this day on our facebook page and lots of pictures.

After lots of laughter, fun and games and a little cheating, Yellow Team (Short Arse) were awarded the giant trophy as overall champions of the Hash Olympics.

Thank-you to all our sponsors that donated towards prizes and helped with this fun event.


Hash #951

Hash 951Hash 951 was in the scenic area of St Andrew at the Munich playing field and the trails were set my Roma (Dominatrix) and Chearvon Benjamin.

Slight confusion in the beginning caused by FRB’s heading out on what they thought was the start of the runners trails – only to be told to turn back as it was the start of the walkers trail. The runners then madly rushed around for 10 minutes looking for the correct start of the trail – once found it was an easy trail to follow.

Great confusion began when the runners came across some walkers heading in the opposite direction to them on the trail. Unbeknownst to the runners that was the short walkers trail which had diverted off the regular walkers trails.

Guilty Hares 951
Guilty hares


Oops – we might have told a few of them they were going in the wrong direction! The runners then met up with the walkers on a steep and slippery uphill and even steeper downhill, which made passing interesting – but at least we weer all going in the same direction.

The trails were all good and the hares did receive a down down for sending the short walkers in the opposite direction and confusing the poor hashers.

Thanks hares – as usual fun was had by all!


Hash #950

5 trails on 950 hashAC/ CD, Nutmed and Always Wet went all out for this big event giving us a choice of 5 trails to choose from.

The 5 trails were all spectacular: an Ironman, Long Runner, Short Runner, Long Walker and Short Walker which made enjoying a trail that suits your capabilities a certainty.

The hash was held in Willis and hosted in Horeb Pasture – which gave us a spacious field to gather before and after the hash, which was necessary as we had a great big turnout for this hash. Well done to the food and drinks – we did not run out of either and had a interesting variety of food available.

The hares were kind enough to arrange a deluge of rain a couple of days before the hash which made for some lovely muddy bush trails.  A fun time was certainly had by all – this was probably one of the best hash trails of the year – lots f bush and very little road. Thank-you guys!