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Hash #1164
Date: 31st July 2021

Location: Tempe Playing Field, St Georges

Hash Note: Hash Covid-19 prevention guidelines to be followed. If possible, please arrive a little earlier as sign-in will take a bit longer than normal.

Time: Please arrive by 3.30pm for 4:00pm On On.

Directions: From the roundabout at the top of Lowthers Lane, make your way down to Tempe, and follow the HHH signs at the bottom of the hill. If you know another or better way of getting there, well, use that!

Transport: Contact DeMel (533-5915) who provides a bus service to and from the hashes for a reasonable fee. NOTE: Only contact DeMel regarding bus transportation, for other hash information please contact the hashmaster or post a query on facebook. SGU students – check the Facebook page SGU Hashers for hash transportation organized from campus.

Two Trails: Walkers @3 miles, runners @4.5 miles

Food: BBQ chicken, Lambie/Fish waters.

Drinks: Stag and Carib 3 for $12

Hares: “Crash Test Dummy” aka “Leaky Bladder” aka “AC/DC” aka “Christopher Columbus”, with “Always Wet”

Hares notes: Since we’ve had a fair amount of rain over the last few weeks, please be careful driving on, off, and around the playing field. Please make sure you stick to the perimeter of the field, and don’t drive over the football pitch. There’s nothing too demanding about either trail this week, no hills, no mud, just some fantastic views!

Hash Cash: There is a voluntary three (3) dollars hash cash fee. If you can afford to pay the EC$3 hash cash, please do so, as it enables the hash to put on various events throughout the year.

1. DO keep your dog on a leash!
2. DO NOT pick The fruits, or bring anything back from the bush!
3. DO NOT trample through vegetable gardens or cultivated land. Stick to the trail!
4. DO NOT litter on the trail!
5. DO look after your fellow Hashers!


– Every hasher must sign-in and use your real names (not hash names). Full name, phone number and address must be filled in by everyone. We will arrange that there are extra sign-in clipboards to speed up the process. Please wear your mask and social distance while waiting for sign-in.

– Social distancing measures should be observed (six feet physical distancing, no hugging or kissing etc. among participants).

– Face masks should be worn unless you are eating, drinking or actively on the hash trail.

– There should be no sharing of items for personal use (eg. water bottles, towels, etc)

– Hashers should bring their hand sanitizing solution and sanitize their hands as often as needed.

Note: GH3 have been given permission to resume hashing by the Ministry Of Health and deviation from the guidelines may result in us having to discontinue hashing.

John Adams Hash Master – 409-0909

On On