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Details with all the information on the up coming hash are usually posted on Wednesday or Thursday before the hash. If you just need to know where in Grenada the next hashes will be – have a look at our Hash Schedule.

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Hash Notice:
Hash #1264 – Carriacou Hash

Location: Hillsborough, Carriacou

Date: All weekend! (6th, 7th & 8th October)

Time: From Friday afternoon/evening, all of Saturday and Sunday.

Directions: Head to the little island north of Grenada. Preferably on a boat, ferry, plane or some other flotation device.

Location: All hash events for the weekend will be in Hillsborough and the main meeting point will be Waynes Bar – which is right next to Ades Guesthouse.

Getting to Hillsborough: As the Osprey ferry docks in Tyrell Bay now, it is the hashers responsibility to get to Hillsborough.

Accommodation: Hashers must find their own accommodation and if not staying in Hillsborough they must arrange transport to get there.

Dogs: All hashers bringing dogs to the Carriacou hash, please confirm with your accommodation that they are allowed. Make sure you walk with water for your dogs on the trails.

Events Schedule for the weekend:

Friday 6th October: There will be a hash lime in the evening at Waynes Bar from 8pm

Saturday 7th October: Hash #1264
Hashers are to meet at Waynes Bar from 2:00pm to catch the buses to start of the hash. 3pm On On for hash. Collect your Bus Ticket, which gives you a free bus ride to the start of the hash and your wristband at sign-in which you can use for a $10 food voucher at the end of the hash. Food wrist bands will be handed out by Tanya, Grandad, Naomi & Roma at Waynes Bar before On On.

Two Trails: Runners – 9km challenging trail, Walkers is also challenging but shorter
Trail Note: These are hot trails and it is recommended that you walk or run with water (water belt, backpack or bottle)
Post Hash Lime at Wayne Bar
Food: Variety of food on offer, use your wristband as a $10 food voucher
Drinks: Stag and Carib $5
Hares: “Bling Ting” & “WTF”

Saturday night: Live Band and party at Paradise Beach Club for those that still have any energy left

Sunday 8th October: Live Hash
Live hash will start at 9am Sunday morning, meet at Waynes Bar, Hillsborough

Other optional activities:
– Lambie Queen in Harvey Vale – Friday night.
– Pizza my Heart at Windward in Carriacou – any night
– Beach lime at the idyllic Anse La Roche Beach in Carriacou on Sunday. The boat will pick people up in Hillsborough starting 11am and bring them up to the beach. Lunch is included in the package and will include options of fish, lobster, chicken, or lambie. Whatever your food option is, the cost, inclusive of the return boat trip is $100. There’s going to be a rush so if you want to guarantee a spot Whatsapp the HM.
– Throughout the weekend food & breakfast is available from Mr Grill at Wayne’s bar, and other Hillsborough locations

Hash Cash: There is a voluntary three dollar (EC$3) hash cash fee. If you can afford to pay the EC$3 hash cash, please do so, as it enables the hash to put on various events throughout the year.

1. DO keep your dog on a leash!
2. DO NOT pick The fruits, or bring anything back from the bush!
3. DO NOT trample through vegetable gardens or cultivated land. Stick to the trail!
4. DO NOT litter on the trail!
5. DO look after your fellow Hashers!

John Adams Hash Master – 409-0909


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