Hash #997

hash #997Hash #997 was held on 9th September 2017 at Radix Park, Mt. Parnassus, St. George and the hare for the day was “Respect De Banana”.

Hashmaster’s Report: Hash #997
Attendance: 181


hash #997
Well, yes. No hills, eh “Respect De Banana”? That whole hash was a series of hills, no MOUNTAINS. I can’t remember any part where I wasn’t either going down at a 45-degree angle, or going up at the same angle, if not more. Thankfully it was not a long hash! It was just the right length in fact (referring to the Runner’s Trail). Very well done, though I suspect that me and the rest of the hashers have cut a groove into the side of one of those hills with the amount of mud we managed to remove with our shoes. Yes, well done indeed.

Some other things:
1.It was a happy 60th birthday for “Short Prick” (no, I’m not going into how he got that name) last week Sunday, so of course we had to celebrate it hash-style. So, I enlisted the help of six hash (slightly-used) virgins to help with the task. Here’s to many more, “Small Prick”. Birthdays, that is 😊.
2.Birthday celebrations for “Cow Tail” and “SatNav” as well. And you thought you got away…. Tsk tsk…

hash #9973.The Karma Bus finally arrived for “Anal Retentive”, who had been treating poor hashers who were receiving down-downs to what I’m going to call the “Karim Maneuver” – the dumping of a cold beer down the hasher’s back. Well, just like Monsieur Joseph-Ignace Guillotin eventually got to experience the device he helped to dreamed up, it was time for “Anal Retentive” to be treated to the move he’d been inflicting on others. Oh, and someone added ice – nice move 😊.

Next week we’re in Cabier.