Hash #951

Hash 951Hash 951 was in the scenic area of St Andrew at the Munich playing field and the trails were set my Roma (Dominatrix) and Chearvon Benjamin.

Slight confusion in the beginning caused by FRB’s heading out on what they thought was the start of the runners trails – only to be told to turn back as it was the start of the walkers trail. The runners then madly rushed around for 10 minutes looking for the correct start of the trail – once found it was an easy trail to follow.

Great confusion began when the runners came across some walkers heading in the opposite direction to them on the trail. Unbeknownst to the runners that was the short walkers trail which had diverted off the regular walkers trails.

Guilty Hares 951
Guilty hares


Oops – we might have told a few of them they were going in the wrong direction!┬áThe runners then met up with the walkers on a steep and slippery uphill and even steeper downhill, which made passing interesting – but at least we weer all going in the same direction.

The trails were all good and the hares did receive a down down for sending the short walkers in the opposite direction and confusing the poor hashers.

Thanks hares – as usual fun was had by all!