New Years Day Hangover Hash

New Years Day Hangover HashOur New Year’s Day Hangover Hash was held at Rocky’s Bar, Morne Rouge Bay (BBC Beach), St George. An impressive amount of hashers turned up for this unnumbered hangover hash, it seems we can not go a week without a hash!

A small team of hares; Grandad, Saber Tooth, Doggy Style, Commando & Girl Guide set off a few minutes before On On to set two trails with flour.

The runners trails included a lovely steep, not very muddy slope and some wonderful views at the top of the hill and ridge. The walkers trail had a couple gentle hills that also brought them up to the top of the ridge. There were a few regular false trails and a few unusual ones that either just went in a loop or gave an alternate route to get to the same place.


New Years Day Hangover HashThe after hash lime at Rocky’s was full of New Years Day festivities, including celebrating Sex Problem’s birthday, Cradle Snatcher’s down down for an entire new hash outfit and surprise surprise Anal Retentive¬†finally got a downdown and a beer soaking.

This is a wonderful start to 2017 – hope our year is filled with many more great hashes and limes.

On On