Hash #965

Hash #965Hash #965 was held at Good Hope Pasture, St Paul’s and two trails were set by Gary “SS Useless” Lewis and Dylan “No Name” Charles.

Luckily the weather had cleared up over the last few days, so this hash was not as muddy as the previous few and the 4 river crossings were easily manageable by all. the runners trail was fantastic and you could actually run most of it, there were 7 false trails and most the FRB’s landed up doing at least 6 of the 7 false trails. The walkers say their trail was good too – but too short! The only bad part of the trail was that I think the hares ran out of paper at the end, so there were a few very confused hashers half a mile off from the end – most followed the music back and eventually everyone did make it back in time for the closing ceremony.

The closing ceremony was quite a blast, after the Virgin’s blessing and “Short Prick” getting a down down for premature ejaculation, the hares were supposed to get a down down for a variety of misdemeanors. Trying to catch and hold down “SS Useless” was a challenge and virtually impossible but after is warm Carib shower he made sure Dylan – his partner in crime got his fair share.

Hash #965The chaos came about when Hashmaster “Grab De Pussy” wanted to give away the free bottle of wine. The challenge was to catch “Clinically Moonstruck”, which “Anal Retentive” won hands down. “SS Useless” thought that was too easy and said the guys must “wine” for their wine. “Anal Retentive” and “Sex Problem” had a great wining competition going on until they were ambushed and put to shame by a lady hasher!

Great fun, good food and music – thank-you hares for the excellent hash.

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