Hash #968

Hash #968Hash #968 was held on Saturday 19th February 2017  at Beausejour Playing Field, St. George. The hares for the hash “Dominatrix”, “CowTail” and Rockell did an outstanding job of setting two lovely bush trails.

Both the Runners and Walkers trail started with a long but not too steep uphill and then went through a few pastures (complete with cows and bulls) and through some excellent bush trails. The runners trail did 5 river crossings and quite a few runners stopped off for a cool-down swim at the last big pool.

The after hash ceremony de-virginised the usual newbies, then did an extra ceremony for 2 virgins that missed out on the 1st ceremony. Our hash master “Grab De Pussy” does no favors for family and his poor cousin Reeva got a down down for apparently collecting virgin certificates!

Hash #968

“Grandad” was grabbed halfway through the Virgin ceremony to get his warm Carib shower to celebrate his 65th birthday. “Dead” was called up and given the Dotty Potty and Wizards sleeve for not only wearing yellow for the red dress hash last week – but for neglecting to set the trail when he was the hare!

The bar was pretty well stocked and food was good and quickly handed out. Thanks hares for a wonderful hash!

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