Hash #969

hash #969Hash #969 was held on 25th February 2017 at Fort Wolf, Gouyave, St. John. The location for the start and end of the hash at Fort Wolf is fantastic, a little bar on the side of a steep slope leading down to a river that is perfect for cooling down.

There was a big downpour on the morning of the hash which required the hares to make some last minute modifications to both the runners and walkers trails. The day had rain on and off before, during and after the hash, which made for good mud and a nice cool run.

The Bling Ting Crew of hares added a couple of ropes to the walkers trail and added (a little too much) road to the runners trail. Both trails started off up and up a steep hill, the run/walk split was right at the beginning and the runners merged with he walkers soon after causing a slight bottleneck. There was another run/walk split near the top of the hill and the runners had some exciting slopes and a small river hop/crossing. The highlight of the trail was the end which finished in the river beneath the bar, everyone got to have a swim and rise most of the mud off their clothes and shoes.

hash #969The de-virginizing ceremony went off smoothly and we had to do an extra down down for 3 virgin girls that arrived VERY late for the hash (about 20 mins after everyone had finished).

Kelly “Rear Entry” Henry received the Wizards Sleeve punishment for picking Cashew on the trail and allowing the criminal act to be photographed for evidence!

The after hash party was fantastic and enjoyed by all, good food & drink, great music and a covered dance floor kept the party going late.

Thanks again Bling Ting & Crew for an excellent hash.

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