Hash #978

Hash #978Hash #978 was held on Saturday 29th April 2017 at Grand Anse RC School, Maurice Bishop Highway, St. George. The hash was set by the hares from the “Bling Ting” team and this group f hares did a spectacular job considering the lack of good bush in the south of the island.

The “Bling Ting” team paraded out in front of the hash crowd during the opening speeches showing off some really cool pink & black “Bling Ting” T-Shirts and brand new storm trooper boots. The left foot of all those new boots were promptly removed from the hares and added to the “shoe christening” ceremony.

Hash #978The hares set two trails, a walkers and a runners and after the “On On” cry everyone dashed off following paper. Firstly we were called back as we were following the paper for the return, once we located he paper for the outgoing route there was quite a few minutes of running back and forth with false trails and unmarked routes. Once on the correct trails, the routes were good, steep and very hot and quite a few runners missed an extra loop that branched off the main trail. Oh Well

Our hashmaster “Grab De Pussy” was delighted by the short route and managing to have a closing ceremony in daylight again. The de-virginsation ceremony was disrupted by a premature sprayer which caused all others to spray early. This grievous error was punished with the hashmaster electing a few virgins to get their revenge on the sprayers!

Hash #978John Adams was wished Happy Birthday and given hash shit of the week award for 2 escape attempts from his birthday ceremony. The Karaoke competition finally happened this hash and we really do have some incredibly good hash singers.

With the good food, music, great singing and cold beers a after hash party had by all. Thank-you “Bling Ting” crew for another fantastic hash.On On