Hash #982

Hash #982Hash #982 was held on 27th May 2017 at the Rosemont Bamboo Bar, St. John. The hare for the day was a well experienced hasher that is known to set great trails “Rosanne“.

So imagine my surprise when the Hash Police inspected the ending for the “short walkers trail” and the “long runners trail” and it was a sheer drop of 20-30 meters. No problem for the runners trail but we prudently added a rope to assist the walkers, Unbeknownst to us, the really scary section was before this!


Hash #982Rosemont is known for beautiful views and lovely bush and the 4 trails set by the hare did not disappoint, there was a short walk, long walk, short run and long run. I know all the runners and the long walkers enjoyed the trails. The short walkers had a little scary section at the end that got their adrenaline flowing – but there were no injuries and everyone got back at a reasonable time to enjoy the after hash party.

The de-virginisation celebration was celebrated and one virgin was caught trying to photograph the ceremony without partaking. This was quickly rectified by “Grab De Pussy” and not only did she have to join in the de-virginisation celebration, she was awarded a hash name “Hot Flash

Hash #982

Our hare for the hash was also given a hash name, Roseanne will now be known as “Vertigo” for making the short walkers jump/climb/slide down a very steep slope at the end of their trail. Good music, food and drinks were available and hashers enjoyed yet another great hash

Thank-you “Vertigo” for another super hash