Hash #984

Hash #984Hash #984 was held on 10th June 2017 at Beaton, St Davids. The hare for the day was “No Name” John Adams assisted by the rest of The Bling Ting Crew.

There were two trails, a walkers and a runners – both were good distances (not too long) and had a good amount of bush and hills. There was an unusual twist to the hash this week in that there was a treasure hunt. In some of the blobs of paper along the trail there were hidden tickets that hashers had to pick up and redeem their prizes at the end of the hash. We had a fine time pillaging the blobs of paper either with a wild kick as you run past or a patient sifting through with your fingers. The patient sifters definitely were more successful than the wild kickers! We were strictly told by the hare that you could only have ONE per hasher. ┬áBUT did our esteemed hash master “Grab De Pussy” listen – NO – he was dutifully punished at the end of the ceremony with the Wizards sleeve, Dotty Potty and Hash Shit of the week toilet seat!

Hash #984Most of the treasure hunt prizes were great – bottles of rum, wine and beer. There were one or two unusual prizes, Ian Roberts won a pregnancy test and “Girl Guide” Jamar – won a packet of Stay Fresh sanitary pads! To congratulate our hare on such a wonderfully thoughtful prize our hash master decided it was time that “No Name” John Adams was due for a hash name and he was awarded the name of “Stay Fresh”.

All the virgins were finally rounded up for the de-virginisation ceremony and David Smiley was given a down down for “leaving something” on the trail – he was caught by “Cradle Snatcher” for having a pee while on the hash!

Good food, music and beers at the end of the hash kept the party going a while. Thank-you hares for a great hash!

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