Hash #988

hash #988Hash #988 was held on 8th July 2017 at Morne Longue, St. Andrew.

Hashmaster’s  Report: Hash #988
Attendance: 138

Yes, yes, yes… I love these hashes that take us deep, deep, DEEP into the countryside, and this one really delivered. Not too long, not too short, and just when I was beginning to wonder if it was going to be a “road march”, we veered off into the forest (and the mud awaiting us there) and there we stayed all the way until almost the very end. Great trail Kelly and friends! Food was top notch too (I enjoyed that HUGE piece of BBQ chicken I got fresh off the grille) and the DJ was on point too, and even organized a working mic in quick time so I didn’t have to shout the instructions to the 30+ virgins that decided to join us this time around. This time around I did go back to the Walker’s Trail, which I will probably stick to for the near future as it allows me to get back in before most of the once-virgin hashers try to skip the virgin ceremony, muhaha.

hash #988Highlights from this hash…

1. My assistant hash-flash Jamar spending five minutes trying to figure out why the camera’s viewfinder was showing only black, only to discover the lens cap was still on….

2. Celebrating Daniel Faulkner’s 50th. Of course his birthday does fall on this Wednesday, which is the middle of the week, so we may need to re-celebrate at the next hash this Saturday…

3. Finding out that not only was it Mike “Wet Lettuce” Bingly’s birthday, but that he also managed to dodge the devirginization ceremony so many years ago when he started hashing. Of course that transgression had to be addressed, so he was treated to the Down-down Triple – Dotty Potty, Wizard’s Sleeve and of course the Hash Shit Of The Week.

4. Che “Virgin Giver” Cummings decided to rejoin us after about two years of absence. So, having qualified himself as an “occasional hasher”, we “awarded” him accordingly. Welcome back Che!

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