Hash #994

Hash #994Hash #994 was held on 19th August 2017 at ‘Nature’s Way’ Club and Bar, Perdmontemps, St. David. The hare for the day was Cyprian.

Hashmaster’s Report: Hash #994
Attendance: 200

Yup, 200 hashers at the first hash after Carnival. I wouldn’t have believed it. Anyway, this hash was just around the corner from me, and knowing the area it was going to be held, I expected it to be a good one. So I arrive at the hash and shortly afterwards “Grandad” pulls me aside and says “you need to look at what might be the start of the trail”. So we found Cyprian (the hare), confirmed it was the start, then went to have a look, at what turned out to be a steep narrow downhill track through mud and grass and whatever. Hmm… That might be Ok for 4 or 5 people. Probably not for 200 people running off at the same time though! So some last-minute changes were made and an alternative trail was put in place for those hashers with toddlers and the like. Of course, many of the hashers chose to take the muddy downhill trail anyway, with the expected results! No serious injuries that I heard about though, phew!

Hash #994The rest of the trail (I did the runners) was just right, a good mixture of road and bush, and just long enough to be a really good run without being tiring and boring. Well done Cyprian! Well, except for running us through the pea and potato fields, so you know I had to give you a down-down for that!

Some highlights:
1. “Jim Boots” (Jimmie Robinson) had recently become a citizen of Grenada, so of course we had to welcome him hash-style. “Jim Boots” is his Bajan hash name though, so we’ll need to find a Grenadian one for him. Suggestions welcome!
2. Birthday greets to Sherri, Ken and “Peak Freak” (Rofl Hostialek) – and of course we treated them accordingly.
3. So, we did the Virgin Quiz thing again. And again it took them about four tries to get the right answer to the question – “what’s the four things you should hear people say on a hash”. People, it’s right there on the certificate, LOL.

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