Hash #996

Hash #996Hash #996 was held on the 2nd September 2017 at Grey Bar, Vincennes, St. David – with “Bird” being the hare for the day.

Hashmaster’s Report: Hash #996
Attendance: 174

Vincennes. Once you hear that name associated with a hash, two things come to mind – mud and hills. Well, that happens with most hashes, but particularly in the case of Vincennes. And this hash delivered both, though luckily for us we’ve been going through just a bit of a dry spell, so there was not as much mud as there could have been. But that didn’t stop quite a few hashers taking advantage of what mud there was – or was it the other way around?


Hash #996While Sherri Roopchand Wholesaleyachtparts and others showed off some amazing gymnastics, it was returning hasher Kishon Brathwaite that took the prize, with the full legs-in-the-air backward cartwheel down the last muddy section, ingeniously using his head as a brake, and thereby earning himself the hash name of “Skid Mark” in the process. Well done Kishon, er, Skid Mark!

Ok, let’s talk about hash-cake. You know like ordinary cake, except no baking is involved and the extra ingredient of one hasher is added? The type of cake that was declared banned a few months ago? Well, it was Girl Guide’s birthday, and some hashers who would go un-named (right, Rockelle Jeremiah and Karim K Chitterman? 😊 ) begged and pleaded with me to allow it just one more time. So, I finally gave in.

Hash #996
I didn’t expect them to use the WHOLE bag of flour! Sorry Girl Guide! Lucky thing that there was a river nearby to wash off!
So hash-cake is now back on the ban list.

All in all, a pretty good hash. Well done “Birds”.
Next week we’re in Tempe.