Hash #1000

Hash #1000Hash #1000 was held on 30th September 2017 at Chantimelle Playing Field, St. Patrick.

The hares for the day were “Grandad”, “Saber Tooth”, “Doggy Style” & “SS Useless” , “Dead” and “Mucky Drawers”.

With rain the night before and more rain threatening to come later, the trails in the country were slightly muddy to say the least.

Hash #1000The hares had set 8 trails ranging from a half mile easy trail all the way up to a 5.5 mile challenging trail and then they added 49 false trails, softening the blow by adding a numbered prize in each and every X on a false trail.

Hash #1000The turnout for the 1000th hash was spectacular with over 400 hashers and about 140 virgin hashers.

“Sat Nav” arranged for many bottles of “Bubbles” to be opened and poured out for any hasher that wanted, so we could all toast the 1000th hash just before On On.

The trails were enjoyed by all with a few hashers not realizing that when the bush is very slippery and muddy, you will not be as fast as you are on a dry road. There were many muddy bottoms and quite a few muddy “other body parts”.


Hash #1000The virgins were de-virginised by “Running The Gautlet” although a few did manage to escape and needed their own ceremony.

Food, drinks, local crafts and music were all excellent and a good time was had by all after the hash. Unfortunately rain did start and stop just to add to the general chaos.

Thanks to the hares, the hash master and all the hashers that turned out to support this exciting day.