Hash #1003

Hash #1003Hash #1003 was held on 21st October 2017 at First Beach, Fort Jeudy, St George. The hare for the week was “Dominatrix” and was assisted by “Double Entry“.

After 2 weeks of solid rain, the clouds cleared just in time for the hash. There was a runner and a walkers trail. Unfortunately being in Fort Jeudy a fair portion of the trail was on road but at least there were a few beach and bush sections too – along with the obligatory mud.


Hash #1003SS Useless” was acting hashmaster for the day and he finally gave Patrick his new hash name, he will no longer have the ultra cool and manly hash name of “Jack Sparrow“. As he was spotted doing the Rum Shop Crawl hash while carrying an umbrella, he has now been awarded the super new hash name of “Mary Poppins“, which I am sure he will wear with pride.

Other than a small cloud burst after the hash, we were lucky enough with the weather for everyone to enjoy the food, drink & music after the hash. Thank-you “Dominatrix”.