Hash #1077 Crazy Hat Hash

Hash #1077 (The Crazy Hat Hash) was held on 16th March 2019 at the Hermitage playing field in St Patrick’s.

The hare for the hash was “SS Useless” and it also happened to be his birthday hash. This was our second annual Crazy Hat Hash and it was great to see the unusual hats that the hashers arrived with.

There were two trails and lovely runners trail and a walkers trail and even though there was on and off rain throughout the afternoon, most of the hashers didn’t get too muddy! The playing field was an excellent location for the lime afterwards and there was plenty of parking available.





Ex hashmaster “AC/DC” stood in forĀ  “Grab De Pussy” who was unable to make this weeks hash. A batch of 5 virgins got their own special de-virginising ceremony as they arrived back very late having somehow managed to do the Runners trail backwards! “SS Useless” celebrated his birthday in true hash style with lots of warm Carib beer and a bucketful of cold water.




“AC/DC” and a secret panel of judges awarded prizes to some of the best hats, the winners were: Maureen Welsh, Gary Lewis, “Dead”, “Grandad”, “Doggy Style” and “Saber Tooth”.

Well done everyone, another great hash!