Hash #1077 Crazy Hat Hash

Hash #1077 (The Crazy Hat Hash) was held on 16th March 2019 at the Hermitage playing field in St Patrick’s.

The hare for the hash was “SS Useless” and it also happened to be his birthday hash. This was our second annual Crazy Hat Hash and it was great to see the unusual hats that the hashers arrived with.

There were two trails and lovely runners trail and a walkers trail and even though there was on and off rain throughout the afternoon, most of the hashers didn’t get too muddy! The playing field was an excellent location for the lime afterwards and there was plenty of parking available.





Ex hashmaster “AC/DC” stood in for  “Grab De Pussy” who was unable to make this weeks hash. A batch of 5 virgins got their own special de-virginising ceremony as they arrived back very late having somehow managed to do the Runners trail backwards! “SS Useless” celebrated his birthday in true hash style with lots of warm Carib beer and a bucketful of cold water.




“AC/DC” and a secret panel of judges awarded prizes to some of the best hats, the winners were: Maureen Welsh, Gary Lewis, “Dead”, “Grandad”, “Doggy Style” and “Saber Tooth”.

Well done everyone, another great hash!



Hash #1005

Hash #1005Hash #1005 was on 4th November 2017 at Maran Pasture, Maran, St John. The hare for the week was “Saber Tooth” assisted by “Grandad“.

There were 3 trails, a short walk, long walk and a runners trail. Due to the torrential downpour in Gouyave that morning, mud, mud and more mud was in abundance on all the trails. “Mucky Drawers” not only returned with mucky drawers but with mud in her eyebrows (not sure how that happened).

Fortunately hashers all seem to enjoy mud and there were no complaints about the trails. Our hashmaster “Grab De Pussy” was back on duty this week and ensured that all the virgins were properly de-virginised and given their certificates.


Hash #1005Unfortunately he could not catch Jawise for his birthday wishes – Oh well – there is always next week.

Thanks all for another great hash.

On On


Hash #1004

Hash #1004Hash #1004 was held on  28th October 2017 at Clarkescourt Boatyard, Woodlands, St George. The hares for the hash were “Wet Lettuce” and “Peak Freak“.

There were four trails a short walk, walkers, runners and a long runners. The long runners trail was fantastic and I heard everyone else say that the other trails were great too – the only complaint was too many thorns (well you can’t blame the hares for that).


Hash #1004Tyrone was lucky enough to celebrate his birthday at the hash but unlucky in that his dear friends arranged to give him a hash birthday cake. The recipe of which is: 1 x birthday hasher, 2 bags flour, a few raw eggs, 1 malt, some warm caribs and a little whipped cream if you have it.

A fun afternoon & evening, thank-you hares for the super trails and hash.



Hash #1003

Hash #1003Hash #1003 was held on 21st October 2017 at First Beach, Fort Jeudy, St George. The hare for the week was “Dominatrix” and was assisted by “Double Entry“.

After 2 weeks of solid rain, the clouds cleared just in time for the hash. There was a runner and a walkers trail. Unfortunately being in Fort Jeudy a fair portion of the trail was on road but at least there were a few beach and bush sections too – along with the obligatory mud.


Hash #1003SS Useless” was acting hashmaster for the day and he finally gave Patrick his new hash name, he will no longer have the ultra cool and manly hash name of “Jack Sparrow“. As he was spotted doing the Rum Shop Crawl hash while carrying an umbrella, he has now been awarded the super new hash name of “Mary Poppins“, which I am sure he will wear with pride.

Other than a small cloud burst after the hash, we were lucky enough with the weather for everyone to enjoy the food, drink & music after the hash. Thank-you “Dominatrix”.



Hash #1002

Hash #1002Hash #1002 was held on 14th October 2017  at Ozone Bar, Providence, St David. The hares for the day were Robby, assisted by “Girl Guide” and “Respect de Banana“.

Well the day started off with pouring rain and it stopped and started for the rest of the day, ensuring that only the die-hard hashers and/or the slightly crazy were at the hash. There were at least 100 hashers that braved the elements and about 17 virgins. On On was shouted out a few minutes after a huge downpour.

There was a runners & a walkers trail, although with all the rain a lot of the paper was washed away, so a few walkers did the end-half of the runners trail and most hashers lost and found the paper and trail numerous times through-out the hash. The trails were super with lots of bush, mud, river crossings and were enjoyed by all. It was one of the few hashes where “Are You” was shouted often by everyone – not because you wanted to know if you were on the correct trail but because you were lost.

Hash #1002“Girl Guide” escorted in the last of the stragglers after he had swept the trail twice and Simon Clay “AC/DC” the hashmaster for the day, got the virgin ceremony underway. “Jackie Chan” and “AC/DC” were wished happy birthday by their fellow hashers with the wizards sleeve, the dotty potty, warm Carib and an ice-cold bucket of water (“Anal Retentive” was that bucket from you?)

In spite of or maybe because of the rainy weather, great fun was had by all. Thank-you hares for another fantastic hash.

On On


Hash #1001

Hash #1001Hash #1001 was held on 7th October 2017 at Marilyn Nicklas bar, Mt. Rose, St Patricks. The hare for the day was “Crisis”.

The overcast, rainy and thunderstormy weather kept a few hashers home, but for those that braved the elements and drove up to St Patricks – we were all pleasantly surprised with no rain. “Crisis” set two wonderful trails which although had some fun slippery muddy sections – they were safe, fun and runnable for the most part.

“AC/DC” stood in as hashmaster while “Grab De Pussy” was away and he managed to get through both all the speeches and ceremonies without swearing at anyone!


Hash #1001After the virgins had had their ceremony and received their de-virginsation certificates,, Adrianna was given a hash farewell and Kelly “Rear Entry” Henry was brought forward to be wished Happy Birthday. When we realised that “Rear Entry” had the sneaky foresight to shave his head just in case he was given a hash birthday cake – well we could not disappoint him. “Rear Entry” was wished happy birthday in true hash style with beer, flour, eggs, whipped cream and a candle!

Good music, drinks, food and a break in the rain ensured a good after hash lime. Thank-you “Crisis” for a wonderful hash.


Hash #1000

Hash #1000Hash #1000 was held on 30th September 2017 at Chantimelle Playing Field, St. Patrick.

The hares for the day were “Grandad”, “Saber Tooth”, “Doggy Style” & “SS Useless” , “Dead” and “Mucky Drawers”.

With rain the night before and more rain threatening to come later, the trails in the country were slightly muddy to say the least.

Hash #1000The hares had set 8 trails ranging from a half mile easy trail all the way up to a 5.5 mile challenging trail and then they added 49 false trails, softening the blow by adding a numbered prize in each and every X on a false trail.

Hash #1000The turnout for the 1000th hash was spectacular with over 400 hashers and about 140 virgin hashers.

“Sat Nav” arranged for many bottles of “Bubbles” to be opened and poured out for any hasher that wanted, so we could all toast the 1000th hash just before On On.

The trails were enjoyed by all with a few hashers not realizing that when the bush is very slippery and muddy, you will not be as fast as you are on a dry road. There were many muddy bottoms and quite a few muddy “other body parts”.


Hash #1000The virgins were de-virginised by “Running The Gautlet” although a few did manage to escape and needed their own ceremony.

Food, drinks, local crafts and music were all excellent and a good time was had by all after the hash. Unfortunately rain did start and stop just to add to the general chaos.

Thanks to the hares, the hash master and all the hashers that turned out to support this exciting day.


Hash #1000 – 7 day celebration

1000th Hash weekHash #1000 was celebrated with one week full of hashing events. The celebration week started on Monday 25th September 2017 and finished on Sunday 1st October 2017 with the main event 1000th hash being on 30th September.

This has been a week that will go down in our hashing history, our 1 week celebration had all the Grenadian hashers (new and old), lots of overseas hashers and many, many virgin hashers!

The week started on Monday 25th with an Opening ceremony at Coconut Beach in Grand Anse. Quite an interesting and highly entertaining performance was put on by “Cereal Killer” and “Cradle Snatcher” who were assisted by the backup dancers “Rear Entry”, “Cheap Fares” and “Survivor MSN”. Our hashmaster “Grab de Pussy” gave a welcome speech and “Dead” was the MC for the evening. A wonderful party was had by all and it was a good start to an exciting week.

1000th hikeTuesday 26th started with a couple of hikes in the morning. Buses picked up hashers and dropped 33 people off for the challenging hike from Concord Falls to Grand Etang. The other buses dropped 44 hashers off to enjoy an easier hike from Grand Etang to the Seven sisters waterfalls and back, which include a swim.  Food, drinks and a rinse of muddy feet and legs at the Grand Etang visitors center after the hike befor heading back to town.

Tuesday evening was Karaoke at SeaPort and some good and not so good singing was heard and many prizes given out.

1000th Karaoke

Wednesday 27th was a really fun event called the Rhum Runner hash. Hashers boarded the Rhum Runner boat and the party began while hashers were taken to the secret location for the hash. This turned out to be Mango Bay and two easy hash trails (walk and run) were enjoyed by all. A cool down and swim in the sea after the hash and then the Rhum Runner boat slowly headed on back to St George.


1000th Rum Shop HashThursday 28th was a Round The Island Tour which included the Nutmeg Factory, Diamond Chocolate factory, lunch in Sauteurs, River Antoine Rum Distillery, then Bumpy Corner bar and finishing up at Banana’s in True Blue. A scavenger hunt competition between the two buses made for some extra fun and “Doggy Style’s” bus won by the skin of their teeth because “Saber Tooths” bus had one person (Higgins – you will not be named) that went for food instead of competing.

Friday 29th was a Rum Shop Crawl hash and this was held in Annandale, there was rain about an hour before the hash – so the trail was extra muddy and slippery – just the way the hashers like it! The trail stopped off at 4 rum shops and there was a raffle prize giving at the end.

1000th HashSaturday 30th was the main event Hash #1000 which was held in Chantimelle in St Patricks. There was a huge turnout to support our 1000th hash with over 400 hashers. The hash itself offered something for everyone with a choice of 8 trails, the rain made for some very interesting muddy bottoms and challenging running and walking. More info on our 1000th hash here.


1000th ClosingThe grand finale to the week was the Closing ceremony on Sunday 1st October held at Magazine Beach. There was fantastic food, a DJ, a bar and of course the prize giving.

The grand prize 6 night sailing trip on Island Windjammer was won by a very excited Rhonda and many other prizes were awarded and won in the raffle. Special thanks to our super Hash Master Brian “Grab De Pussy” Steele for heading up this spectacular 1 week event, everyone had an unforgettable time.

On On



Hash #999 Carriacou Hash

Hash #999Hash #999 Carriacou hash was held on Saturday 23rd September 2017. The hares for the day and weekend were Gary “SS Useless” and John Adams “Stay Fresh” and they were assisted by the rest of the “Bling Ting Crew

Hashers started arriving in Carriacou from Thursday morning onwards with the majority arriving on Friday. A great evening lime in Hillsborough on Friday evening got everyone in a party hash mood for the weekend. The Saturday hash (#999) started on the windward side of the island and all hashers either took the semi-iron man run or walk trail back to town. The runners (semi iron-man) trail was fantastic, lots of bush with very steep uphills and downs.

Hash #999With everyone expecting a hot dry hash which is the norm for Carriacou – we were all surprised by rain and overcast weather. This made for some fun mud going up and down the steep hills. The after hash lime was at the beach bar next to the ferry and the celebrations were interrupted by one or two downpours of rain. Hashers being the toughies that they are just carried on partying and dancing.

Two hash names were awarded, the first to Justin from Digicel for neglecting/losing his son on the trail – so he will now be known as “Feckless Father“. Naomi showed us some rather interesting dance moves on Friday night with lots of sideways kicks that earned her the hash name of “Jackie Chan“.

Hash #999Well done hares on a really spectacular hash.

Just to keep the party going “Grandad“, “Doggy Style” and “Saber Tooth” put on a live hash on Sunday morning, which had a fair attendance considering the wild parties the night before. Sunday afternoon, most hashers rushed back to Grenada to get ready for the 1 week of celebrations for our 1000th hash.


Hash #998

Hash #998Hash #998 was held on 16th September 2017 at the Kings Residence, Cabier, St Andrew. The hare for the hash was Lucy Murchie “Doggy Style” assisted by the “Girly Crew”.

Hashmaster’s Report: Hash #998
Attendance: 205

Great, after last week’s romp amongst the mountains, it was nice to go on a rather “flat” hash. Well, Ok, there was a climb uphill near the start of the hash, but the rest of it was “relatively” flat. Relatively, of course, to the previous hashes. I ended up going on the Walker’s Trail this time around because a certain someone (I won’t mention any names, ok “Doggy Style”?) absconded with the sign for the Runners’ Trail (more on that later) before I reached the turnoff point. So, the trail was short, but very nice, and included a small beach section too, which was interesting, because I was told that there would be a beach section for us to do a little cleanup campaign, and then I was told that there was not going to be a beach section, and then suddenly, we end up with a beach section. Confused? Yup, I was too, but a couple of hashers still walked with their garbage bags, so we managed to do the cleanup as planned.

Hash #998Some other things:

1 Two virgins showed up late for the devirginization ceremony. Well, we can’t have that, so they were down-downed accordingly. And one virgin didn’t give up her new shoes for a blessing before the hash. Not a problem – we did the blessing afterwards, when her left shoe was a little “seasoned”, muhaha.

2. Birthday celebrations for Roach, Neil and “Pink Panther”. Beers (and it seems a bit of ice, for the first two, and water for the last.

Hash #9983. Yes, so I was about to down-down “Doggy Style” for pulling the Runners’ Trail sign too early, and a former hashmaster, “Peak Freak” tried to turn the tables on me! However, they left me holding a warm beer in my hand while “Peak Freak” was giving his reasons for why I should receive the down-down instead, and I had to do something with that beer, so… muhaha, hope you enjoyed it, “Peak Freak”!

4. Oh, “Anal Retentive”, the Karma Bus just keeps coming for you over and over, doesn’t it? Last week it was for pouring cold beer down hashers’ backs, and now it was for doing the same with ice instead.

Next week we’re in Carriacou…