Hash #987

Hash #987Hash #987 was held on 1st July 2017 at the Springs Playing Field, St. George.

The hares for the day were “Butter B” (Xavier) who was assisted by The “Bling Ting Crew“. The day was a little rainy but most hashers turned up to enjoy the fun and mud regardless.

For a hash in an area that is more town than country – the hares did a brilliant job! There was a runners and walkers trail and very little road – other than the killer hill to start the hash. There was a good section of some “virgin” trails and one or two back roads that most of us had never been on before..

Food, bar and music after the hash were enjoyed by all well into the evening

Thank-you hares for a great hash!

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Hash #986

hash #986Hash #986 was held on 24th June 2017 at Tufton Hall, St. John. The hare for the day Troy “Double Entry” Felix chose a spectacular location for the hash. The pasture where we all met was filled with mango trees, dripping with ripe fruit.

“Double Entry” and assistants set 3 trails, a walk, a run and an ironman. The walk was achievable by all and both the run and ironman route had a long river section. The ironman trail had an almost vertical climb up and then a really fun slide/run back down a “little” mountain.

Some runners unfortunately took a wrongly marked trail and landed up on the top of a hill with no more paper – the hare “Double Entry” was duly punished for this after the hash. Food, bar and music were great and in the absence of our Hash Master “Grab de Pussy” our previous Hash Mistress Annie “Commando” gave instructions and held the de-virginisation ceremony.

Another wonderful hash, that was enjoyed by all

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Hash #985

Hash #985 was held on 17th June 2017 in Clarenceville, Corinth, St. David. The hare for the day was “Wrong Erection” (Nolan Murray).

“Grab de Pussy” Hashmaster’s Report: Hash #985
Attendance: 146

Note to self – do not go drinking copious amounts of beer the night before a hash! I managed to drag myself out of bed around half past one in the afternoon to get ready for hashing, only to discover that the hare, “Wrong Erection” (Nolan Murray) had tried calling me around 6AM (good luck getting me up at 6AM on a normal Saturday, much less one where the remains of several beers and the food from last night were arguing in my stomach about who gets out first and from which end). I tried calling back several times, but no luck. When I arrived at the hash, I found out what the issue was – no tent! Oh well, not much could be done about that at this point, but I think we managed fine. Oh, there was no mike or music too, at least at the start, so it was back to shouting instructions at the virgins, but I think they all heard me because no-one got lost. As for the trail itself, of the three trails on offer I chose the “Long Walkers” trail and after about half an hour of walking and climbing up hills, I was reminded that no matter how ill you feel at the start of a hash… you’ll end up feeling a lot worse while doing it. Luckily the trail was only about an hour or so, and I was feeling a little better when I go back in. I decided to lay off the beer though, at last until my stomach returned to normal. I did partake of the food though.. 😊. Great trail, “Wrong Erection”.

Highlights from this hash…

1. No working mike at the start again, and of course I didn’t have my megaphone this time either. I’m beginning to see a trend here. I better walk with the megaphone next time to ensure that the DJ arrives on time with a mike….

2. A not-so-virgin virgin who signed up as a virgin but had apparently done another hash in Grand Anse. Apparently, the issue of whether or not one could be considered a virgin depended on what parish the hash was being done in. Well, that was her story. And she was of course rewarded accordingly. 😊

3. Four other virgins who missed almost the entire ceremony. Oh well, I have them a “special” short version 😊.

4. Congrats to our latest Hash-Daddy, “SatNav / Fast Manicou” (John Hovan), who had a baby boy last week. We rewarded him appropriately.

5. “SatNav” donated a bottle of wine to be given away at that hash. I was stuck as to what question to pose, so “SatNav” suggested asking who knew the name of his new boy. When I did, Ken Page immediately shouted “ALPHEUS!”. Hmmm… I sense collusion here…! Ken got the bottle of wine… and a date with the Dotty Potty.

Next week we’re in Tufton Hall, courtesy “Double Entry” (Troy Felix).


Hash Master “Grab De Pussy”


Hash #984

Hash #984Hash #984 was held on 10th June 2017 at Beaton, St Davids. The hare for the day was “No Name” John Adams assisted by the rest of The Bling Ting Crew.

There were two trails, a walkers and a runners – both were good distances (not too long) and had a good amount of bush and hills. There was an unusual twist to the hash this week in that there was a treasure hunt. In some of the blobs of paper along the trail there were hidden tickets that hashers had to pick up and redeem their prizes at the end of the hash. We had a fine time pillaging the blobs of paper either with a wild kick as you run past or a patient sifting through with your fingers. The patient sifters definitely were more successful than the wild kickers! We were strictly told by the hare that you could only have ONE per hasher.  BUT did our esteemed hash master “Grab De Pussy” listen – NO – he was dutifully punished at the end of the ceremony with the Wizards sleeve, Dotty Potty and Hash Shit of the week toilet seat!

Hash #984Most of the treasure hunt prizes were great – bottles of rum, wine and beer. There were one or two unusual prizes, Ian Roberts won a pregnancy test and “Girl Guide” Jamar – won a packet of Stay Fresh sanitary pads! To congratulate our hare on such a wonderfully thoughtful prize our hash master decided it was time that “No Name” John Adams was due for a hash name and he was awarded the name of “Stay Fresh”.

All the virgins were finally rounded up for the de-virginisation ceremony and David Smiley was given a down down for “leaving something” on the trail – he was caught by “Cradle Snatcher” for having a pee while on the hash!

Good food, music and beers at the end of the hash kept the party going a while. Thank-you hares for a great hash!

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Hash #983

Hash #983Hash #983 was held on Saturday 3rd June 2017 at the  Tempe Playing Field, St. George. It was a rainy and overcast day but most of the die-hard hashers still turned out to enjoy the hash and after hash lime (138 hashers). The hares for the day were “Peak Freak”, “Juliette” and “Double Entry”.

There were three trails, a short walk, long walk and a runners trail. All the trails included lots of steep hills and very sparse paper blobs that made us all really work hard to keep on the trail.

No false trails were needed with the amount of times we lost paper and had to double back. Even with the rain, the trail was not too slippery, as most of it was under tree cover so the ground had a good layer of leaves.


Hash #983The rain held off for most of the hash and after hash lime and everyone said the food was excellent. “Pink Panther” disturbed the de-virginisation ceremony by taking group photo’s which of course all the hash police and hashers wanted to be in. “Grab De Pussy” did try punish the hashers in the photo but I believe they all have very valid excuses explaining that it was not actually them in the photo!

Another super hash, thank-you “Peak Freak” and your hare assistants for a wonderful day!


Hash #982

Hash #982Hash #982 was held on 27th May 2017 at the Rosemont Bamboo Bar, St. John. The hare for the day was a well experienced hasher that is known to set great trails “Rosanne“.

So imagine my surprise when the Hash Police inspected the ending for the “short walkers trail” and the “long runners trail” and it was a sheer drop of 20-30 meters. No problem for the runners trail but we prudently added a rope to assist the walkers, Unbeknownst to us, the really scary section was before this!


Hash #982Rosemont is known for beautiful views and lovely bush and the 4 trails set by the hare did not disappoint, there was a short walk, long walk, short run and long run. I know all the runners and the long walkers enjoyed the trails. The short walkers had a little scary section at the end that got their adrenaline flowing – but there were no injuries and everyone got back at a reasonable time to enjoy the after hash party.

The de-virginisation celebration was celebrated and one virgin was caught trying to photograph the ceremony without partaking. This was quickly rectified by “Grab De Pussy” and not only did she have to join in the de-virginisation celebration, she was awarded a hash name “Hot Flash

Hash #982

Our hare for the hash was also given a hash name, Roseanne will now be known as “Vertigo” for making the short walkers jump/climb/slide down a very steep slope at the end of their trail. Good music, food and drinks were available and hashers enjoyed yet another great hash

Thank-you “Vertigo” for another super hash



Hash #981

Hash #981Hash #981 was held on 20th May 2017 at Vendome Pasture, St. George. The hares for the trail “AC/DC” and “Always Wet” were assisted by “Doggy Style” and “Red Devil” and they set 3 lovely bush trails.

There was a Runners, Long Walkers and Short Walkers which all included rivers, mud, hills and slopes and a fair amount of cows and goats. Trails were excellent and just the right length and we managed to get everyone back to hold the ceremony in daylight. The runners especially loved the spongy grass section that felt like running on a mattress!

Our Hash Master “Grab de Pussy” seemed to be in trouble from the start, first by bring brand new shoes to the hash that needed two beers for their christening and ending with a wizard sleeve, dotty potty and Hash Shit of the week punishment for false accusations posted on Facebook.

Hash #981There were a few birthdays celebrated in Hash Style, Happy Birthday to “Wrong Erection“, “Sabertooth” and “Kite Runner“.

The money collected from our Red Dress Charity Hash was donated to Gylfi Hilmisson of “Attach A Leg Grenada”.  “Cheap Fares” won the bottle of wine competition for guessing that a total of 10 hashers hit their heads on the mangoes hanging from the tree where “Doggy Style” was directing the Runners and Walkers.

Good food, ice cream, music and beers were enjoyed by all after the hash. Thank-you hares for another great hash.

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Hash #980 (Chocolate Hash)

Hash #980Hash # 980 (Chocolate Hash) was held on 13th May 2017 at the Diamond Chocolate Factory, St Mark, Victoria. Being right at the end of the varsity season, 3 large busloads of SGU students arrived bringing our number of virgins for the hash up to 81 (never mind the 197 runners and numerous walkers) – it was quite a turnout.

The hare for the day “Pink Panther” set two trails – a runners and walkers. The runners was good, with a lot of climbing for the first half, running in the second half and one long river section that was “accidentally” missed by a few. The walkers trail seemed to pass the runners going the opposite way, just to confuse those of us that did not expect that to happen and it seemed everyone enjoyed the trails and we did eventually get everyone back.


Hash #980There was good food, chocolate cupcakes, brownies and cake and discounted chocolate bought directly from the factory.

The music and bar was enjoyed but Stag got sold out early – we will have to blame those 81 virgins. The de-virginisation ceremony was HUGE and possibly a crate of beer was used.

Hash #980

Doggy Style and Sabine Lentz were wished Happy Birthday in true hash style. The ceremony was held by “Commando” as our hash mater “Grab de Pussy” was very busy doing “something” important!. There was a raffle draw after the hash and many, many slabs of chocolate, chocolate cupcakes and prizes were handed out to hashers.

Thank-you “Pink Panther” and the Diamond Chocolate Factory for a wonderful hash, it was enjoyed by all!


Hash #979

Hash #979Hash #979 was held on 6th May 2017 at Edmund’s Shop, St. David’s Cemetery Road, St. David. The main hare for the hash was “Wrong Erection” and he was assisted by his large “Bling Ting” team.

There were two trails a walkers and a runners, both of which started off down a very steep hill. The walkers had a bit of a path to follow but the runners did some cocoa leaf surfing to get to the bottom of the hill. The trail was lots of bush an quite a few hills both the runners and the walkers trails were slightly longer than normal but most people enjoyed them and there was a good running stretch in the runners trail.

As the hash was on at the same time as the music festival and university exams, the turn out was a little smaller than normal but we still had over 150 hashers.


Hash #979A couple of honeymooners were singled out after the de-virginisatio ceremony for their own little Dotty Potty award. The groom was very determined to drain that Dotty Potty of every last drop of the warm Carib. We said a fond farewell to Cathy Tyda and friends as it was their last hash in Grenada.

Good food, music and beer was enjoyed by all after the hash. Thank-you hares for your great efforts on another spectacular hash.

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Hash #977

Hash #977Hash #977 was held on 22nd April 2017 at Chocolate City Bar, Richmond, St. Andrew. The hare for the hash Chearvon “Cheap Fares” Benjamin chose a beautiful area for a good bush trail and we had not been in that particular region for a little while.

“Cheap Fares” and helpers which included ‘New Vagina” and “Crisis” set 3 trails, a short walkers, long walkers and a runners trail.  Firstly I must compliment the hares on a super bush trail which showed a lot of enthusiasm in looking for good routes and trying to get the hashers to see waterfalls and  a few river crossings. BUT – why oh why – make all the runners and long walkers do a 1 mile detour to see a waterfall only to turn around and go back along the same trail. This backfired in that only the first 4 or 5 runners went all the way to the waterfall, as soon as everyone saw us coming back, they turned around and headed back – this could have been avoided by making it a loop.

Hash #977The other issue was that the long walkers and runners trails were too long, we had many, many hashers coming back very late and some after dark and after the ceremony. Our Hashmaster “Grab De Pussy” did his second week in a row after hash ceremony in the dark! Luckily all the virgins were back to get de-virginised and a bad hasher was punished for the multiple crimes of picking fruit, avoiding the virgin ceremony and not christening her new shoes. “Grab de Pussy” received a birthday down down via the Wizards Sleeve and “Cheap Fares” received a down down for putting up HHH signs a little late.

Food, beer and music was good and eventually all the hashers did return from their “longer than 1 hour” ordeal in the bush.  Thank-you hares – although the trails were long – they were great bush trails that took a lot of effort and time to set.

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