The Swim Rum Route – starting & finishing from Grand Anse Beach

GH3 Sports Events Swim Run Challenge
Date: 31st march 2019
Time: 10am start, 9:30 registration
Location: Umbrella’s Car Park, Grand Anse
Entry: Free

What is it: A fun race/challenge with some crazy rules
A swimRun requires you to race with a partner (any age or sex) along a course where you switch between running and swimming multiple times during the race.

You can use any swim aids you like (snorkel, fins, armbands), as long as you carry them when you run. Same goes for running, you will need to swim with your running shoes!

Both you and your buddy compete each leg of the race and you must start each leg together.

Our race comprises of 5 runs and 4 swims. Starting and ending from Umbrella’s car park, Grand Anse beach.

The event should take you about an hour to an hour and a half to complete.