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Hash Notice: Hash #1245

Location: Crochu Roman Catholic School, St Andrews

Date: 27th May 2023
Time: Please arrive by 3:30pm for 4:00pm On On

Directions: From St George take the Eastern Main Road towards St Davids, look for HHH signs turning off the main road.

Two Trails: Runners & Walkers

Food:Curry Crab & Dumplings, stew chicken & bakes/provision, fish waters with lambie
Drinks: Stag and Carib 3 for $12 

Hares: “Pig Pen”

Hash Cash: There is a voluntary three dollar (EC$3) hash cash fee. If you can afford to pay the EC$3 hash cash, please do so, as it enables the hash to put on various events throughout the year.

1. DO keep your dog on a leash!
2. DO NOT pick The fruits, or bring anything back from the bush!
3. DO NOT trample through vegetable gardens or cultivated land. Stick to the trail!
4. DO NOT litter on the trail!
5. DO look after your fellow Hashers!

John Adams Hash Master – 409-0909


On On