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Hash Notice:
Hash #1095

Location: De Almond Bar, Davey Beach, St Patrick’s

Date: 20th July 2019

Time: Please arrive by 3.30pm for 4:00pm On On.

Directions: Follow the Western Main Road north through Victoria and Douquesne. From the bridge on the left, signed Petite Anse Hotel, follow the HHH signs to Davey Beach.

Pickup point: This will be at the Botanical Gardens roundabout, please be there before 2:15pm. Hashers with their own transport, please assist with providing lifts. Alternatively, contact Jahwise (415-8269 or 459-8269) who provide’s a bus service to and from the hashes for a reasonable fee. NOTE: Only contact Jahwise regarding bus transportation, for other hash information please contact the hashmaster or post a query on facebook. SGU students – check the Facebook page SGU Hashers for hash transportation organized from campus.

Three Trails: Walkers 2.5 miles, runners 3.7 miles, long runners 5 miles. No walkers on long runners trail!

Food: BBQ Chicken, & Oildown

Drinks: Stag and Carib 3 for $12

Music: DJ

Hares: “Mucky Drawers”

Hash Notes: There is a hash lime on Davey Beach on Sunday 21st. Some hashers will be camping overnight on Davey beach after the hash and then staying for rhe Sunday lime. If you are joining us for th ehash lime, remember to bring everything you need: food, drinks, plates, swimming stuff and if you are camping – your camping gear!

Hash Cash: There is a voluntary three (3) dollars hash cash fee. If you can afford to pay the EC$3 hash cash, please do so, as it enables the hash to put on various events throughout the year.

The hash encourages food vendors to sell food only in biodegradable containers. As the containers are more expensive, the hash does contribute a percentage of the hash cash towards the cost of the biodegradable containers.

1. DO keep your dog on a leash!
2. DO NOT pick The fruits, or bring anything back from the bush!
3. DO NOT trample through vegetable gardens or cultivated land. Stick to the trail!
4. DO NOT litter on the trail!
5. DO look after your fellow Hashers!

John Adams Hash Master – 409-0909

On On