Hash #971

Hash #971Hash #971 was held on Saturday 11th March 2017 at Poterie near Mt Carmel Falls. The hares for the hash were Gary “SS Useless” and he was assisted by “Grandad” and “Saber Tooth“. The hash was called Gary”s B’Day hash even though he tried many times to convince everyone that it was not ¬†– he was caught at the closing ceremony and a hash cake was made. The hash cake was a fine mix of ingredients: 1 x Gary, lots of Carib, a few eggs and flour!

There were four trails set for the hash, long & short walkers and long & short runners and all the trails were really good bush trails and easy running for the most part. The only complaint the hashers made (“Dead” being the loudest complainer) was that here were too many false trails and they were long! What do you expect when you have “Grandad” assisting in the trails!

Hash #971The after party was good with DJ Small Clothes, the bar did struggle to keep up with the demand for cold beer and at one stage there was a bit of a panic when they ran out of cold Stag but this was fixed pretty quickly.

The de-virginising ceremony went off smoothly, followed by the Gary B’Day hash cake celebration. George was given a down down for leaving items on the trail – he managed to loose the soles of both his shoes on the hash and his dear friends reported this misdemeanor to the hash master.

Thank-you  hares and hashers for another fantastic hash!

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