Hash #959

Hash #959Hash #959 was held in the pasture in Mt Airy, St Pauls. The hares for the hash Dominatrix and Cow Tail set two trails (a runners and a walkers) each with river crossings.

Both trails started off through some lovely bush areas, across a few rivers and included lots of steep downhill slopes .

Unfortunately what goes down must come up and after the last river crossing we exited the bush and headed uphill for what felt like ages along the road that took us through a cemetery and back to the venue.

Hash #959Commando our current hash mistress announced that she will be stepping down next month and handing the reins over to Bush Blackberry (Brian Steele).  We hope all of you make an effort to come to the hash on the 7th January 2017 for the Big Bamboo Ceremony to hand over the hash mistress/master position.

Music, drinks and slightly delayed food caused for some very interesting photo’s at the after hash lime. A good time was had by all – thank-you hares for your effort and to the hashers that always participate with such enthusiasm and a whole lot of misbehaving!