Hash #964

Hash #964Hash #964 was held in Victoria, St Marks (Sunset City) and the last week of constant rain sure did add to the mud and entertainment of a hash.

The hares for the day were “Dominatrix”, Rockell, “Cowtail” and Tyrone and they set two trails a runners and a walkers.

For the runners that did the correct trail (a few seemed to miss the 5 foot R and W split), the runners trail was fantastic. There were steep uphills, river crossings, 3 or 4 rope sections down slippery embankments, quite a few steep downhills without rope, one fence climb over and lots of muddy puddles – your typical ingredients for a great hash trail!



Hash #964The walkers trail however, which is never supposed to have rope sections and should be “achievable by all” – had exactly the same tough beginning as the runners trail, including the rope sections and fence climb-over! Our Hash Master called it an Iron-man beginning!

Luckily all our hash walkers a tough and determined and every-one made it back safely – although many, many hashers were covered in mud from head to toe.

The amount of mud brought back from the trail, prompted our Hash Master “Grab De Pussy”┬áto hold a muddiest butt competition and the winner received a bottle of wine.

Our hares were brought to trial for having an “iron-man” section on the beginning of the walkers trail and one of our Hash Maco’s (Cheap Fares) sprained her wrist. Dominatrix took the punishment for the team of hares and opted to wear the Dotty Potty contents of warm Carib.

Hash #964Good music, food, beer and even ice-cream were in abundance for the after hash lime and luckily the weather played nice for us and the rain held off for the whole hash and after party.

Thank-you hares for your great efforts!

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