Hash #1005

Hash #1005Hash #1005 was on 4th November 2017 at Maran Pasture, Maran, St John. The hare for the week was “Saber Tooth” assisted by “Grandad“.

There were 3 trails, a short walk, long walk and a runners trail. Due to the torrential downpour in Gouyave that morning, mud, mud and more mud was in abundance on all the trails. “Mucky Drawers” not only returned with mucky drawers but with mud in her eyebrows (not sure how that happened).

Fortunately hashers all seem to enjoy mud and there were no complaints about the trails. Our hashmaster “Grab De Pussy” was back on duty this week and ensured that all the virgins were properly de-virginised and given their certificates.


Hash #1005Unfortunately he could not catch Jawise for his birthday wishes – Oh well – there is always next week.

Thanks all for another great hash.

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