Hash #974

Hash #974Hash #974 was held on 1st April 2017  at Wayne Lewis’ Bar, Petit Bacaye, St. David. Even though this hash location was down the road from last week”s hash, the hare “Jack Sparrow” (Patrick Bowen) managed to find trails that covered totally different areas.

There were two trails a Runners and Walkers, both wonderful trails with quite a few hills, scenic views and lots of bush! The highlight of the runners trail was a beer stop near the end!

Four virgins forgot to sign in at the end of the hash, which delayed the ceremony a little while, our hashmaster “Grab de Pussy” made sure that they were appropriately punished for that infraction! There were 3 birthday down-downs and “Cradle Snatcher” did get her fair share of the “Birthday Celebration” beer dished out quite generously by the Maco’s and “Anal Retentive”.

Hash #974Simon “AC/DC” Clay, tried to dodge the new shoe ceremony by firstly hiding his shoes at the beginning of the hash and then as they were the exact same colour and make as his old shoes, tried to pass them off as the old pair. He was suitable punished and given a wonderful hair conditioning beer shower.

Good food & music for the after hash, Thank-you “Jack Sparrow” and “The Bling Team” for a wonderful hash.

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