Hash #975

Hash #975Hash #975 was held on 8th April 2017 at MarlMount, St. David. The hares for the hash “Hand Job” and “Bald Rummer”, used a good start/end location that was well off the main road.

Hand Job” and “Bald Rummer” upheld their reputation and set two fantastic trails, a runners trail of 5.5 miles and a shorter walkers trail. Although there were a few runners that did not listen to instructions (“Grandad” and “OnePace – to name a few), that managed to accidentally skip the last mile of the runners trail and joined up with the walkers trail instead. Both trails were excellent – although that 1st false trail did catch all the FRB’s!. The runners trail was good running, with a fair share of hills and beaches. The walkers trail had no shortage of hills, views and beaches and was enjoyed by all!

Hash #975There were 28 virgins at the de-virginising ceremony – although we had to hunt a few down at the end – they were busy resting and partying and did not heed the call to come forward and get their certificates. Dave “fat lad at the back” and Susie celebrated their birthdays in true hash style, although Susie managed to get the hashmaster to wear her beer.

Sat Nav” was punished for wearing new shoes (even though he said he did not hash in them) and managed to drink out of both shoes as he incorrectly gave his right shoe over first. As a Hash Maco he should have known better! The free bottle of wine was awarded to the winner in a dance competition.

Good food, excellent music and some dancing finished off another great hash day. Thank-you hares for your great efforts!

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