Hash #983

Hash #983Hash #983 was held on Saturday 3rd June 2017 at the  Tempe Playing Field, St. George. It was a rainy and overcast day but most of the die-hard hashers still turned out to enjoy the hash and after hash lime (138 hashers). The hares for the day were “Peak Freak”, “Juliette” and “Double Entry”.

There were three trails, a short walk, long walk and a runners trail. All the trails included lots of steep hills and very sparse paper blobs that made us all really work hard to keep on the trail.

No false trails were needed with the amount of times we lost paper and had to double back. Even with the rain, the trail was not too slippery, as most of it was under tree cover so the ground had a good layer of leaves.


Hash #983The rain held off for most of the hash and after hash lime and everyone said the food was excellent. “Pink Panther” disturbed the de-virginisation ceremony by taking group photo’s which of course all the hash police and hashers wanted to be in. “Grab De Pussy” did try punish the hashers in the photo but I believe they all have very valid excuses explaining that it was not actually them in the photo!

Another super hash, thank-you “Peak Freak” and your hare assistants for a wonderful day!