Hash #985

Hash #985 was held on 17th June 2017 in Clarenceville, Corinth, St. David. The hare for the day was “Wrong Erection” (Nolan Murray).

“Grab de Pussy” Hashmaster’s Report: Hash #985
Attendance: 146

Note to self – do not go drinking copious amounts of beer the night before a hash! I managed to drag myself out of bed around half past one in the afternoon to get ready for hashing, only to discover that the hare, “Wrong Erection” (Nolan Murray) had tried calling me around 6AM (good luck getting me up at 6AM on a normal Saturday, much less one where the remains of several beers and the food from last night were arguing in my stomach about who gets out first and from which end). I tried calling back several times, but no luck. When I arrived at the hash, I found out what the issue was – no tent! Oh well, not much could be done about that at this point, but I think we managed fine. Oh, there was no mike or music too, at least at the start, so it was back to shouting instructions at the virgins, but I think they all heard me because no-one got lost. As for the trail itself, of the three trails on offer I chose the “Long Walkers” trail and after about half an hour of walking and climbing up hills, I was reminded that no matter how ill you feel at the start of a hash… you’ll end up feeling a lot worse while doing it. Luckily the trail was only about an hour or so, and I was feeling a little better when I go back in. I decided to lay off the beer though, at last until my stomach returned to normal. I did partake of the food though.. 😊. Great trail, “Wrong Erection”.

Highlights from this hash…

1. No working mike at the start again, and of course I didn’t have my megaphone this time either. I’m beginning to see a trend here. I better walk with the megaphone next time to ensure that the DJ arrives on time with a mike….

2. A not-so-virgin virgin who signed up as a virgin but had apparently done another hash in Grand Anse. Apparently, the issue of whether or not one could be considered a virgin depended on what parish the hash was being done in. Well, that was her story. And she was of course rewarded accordingly. 😊

3. Four other virgins who missed almost the entire ceremony. Oh well, I have them a “special” short version 😊.

4. Congrats to our latest Hash-Daddy, “SatNav / Fast Manicou” (John Hovan), who had a baby boy last week. We rewarded him appropriately.

5. “SatNav” donated a bottle of wine to be given away at that hash. I was stuck as to what question to pose, so “SatNav” suggested asking who knew the name of his new boy. When I did, Ken Page immediately shouted “ALPHEUS!”. Hmmm… I sense collusion here…! Ken got the bottle of wine… and a date with the Dotty Potty.

Next week we’re in Tufton Hall, courtesy “Double Entry” (Troy Felix).


Hash Master “Grab De Pussy”