Hash #989 Bastille Day Hash

hash #989Hash #989 “Bastille Day Hash”  was held on 15th July 2017 at MonkeyBarz, Grand Etang, St. Andrew. The hares for the day were all the FSB’s (French Speaking Bastards).

Hashmaster’s Report: Hash #989
Attendance: 177

In the beginning, there was mud.

In the middle, there was mud.

In the end, there was mud.

The only thing that changed is how deep the mud was – which turned out to be anything from Teflon-like coating over rocks to knee-deep in some areas (and I got to experience all types, though not as “enthusiastically” as some other hashers, based on the several “AIYEE!!” sounds, and accompanying sounds of unplanned butt-planting, that I heard while on the hash). Thankfully the rain did hold up for the afternoon (I brought my automatic rain dismissal device with me – my waterproof camera), otherwise the mud would have been a lot worse. Unfortunately, there were not enough potential “candidates” for the Dirty Arse Muddy Butt competition, but I did get to subject the virgins to an impromptu quiz about hash terms, during which most of the participants failed miserably and were dealt with accordingly!

hash #9891. At last, back to a good working mic from the DJ. Let’s hope this trend continues…!

2. The impromptu Virgin Hash Quiz. The winner actually read the answer off of the Devirginization Certificate (yes, it was written in bold red hard-to-miss letters and was read out during the Devirginization Ceremony too, yet the first three contestants still got the answer wrong), so was “awarded” appropriately for that misdemeanor before being given the bottle of wine donated by Fast Manicou (John Hovan). I think I’m going to repeat the quiz sometime in the future…

3. Getting to celebrate Darren Faulkner‘s 50th birthday again as he had the misfortune of his birthday landing exactly between two hashes. “Mommy’s Boy” got to enjoy a birthday celebration though, being a dog, was probably wondering what the hell was going on…

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