Hash #992

Hash #992Hash #992 was held on 5th August 2017 at Marian Playing Field, St. George and the hares for the day were Germaine Thomas-Xavier and friends.

Hashmaster’s Report: Hash #992
Attendance: 159
Yes, well this one had me concerned because the ice for the beer arrived only a few minutes before the On-On was given for the hash, but it all turned out well in the end as it was nice and cool when I returned (I took the Runners’ trail). The BBQ finished before I could get a taste of it though, grr… and of course everyone who got a piece said that it tasted great!

Hash #992Highlights from this hash…
1. The Runners’ Trail was supposed to be four miles but it ended up being almost seven miles for me and a few others, thanks to two Walkers who missed a turnoff and made us think that we were on a wrong trail! I awarded them appropriately after the Devirginization Ceremony…
2. Four, count them, FOUR, regular hashers going off early during the Devirginization Ceremony! Must be Full Moon Fever or something. Of course the reward for the “premature ejaculation” (of beer) was have to stand in with the Virgins and get sprayed too…
3. Rockelle, Rockelle, what can I say? You surprised me girl, winning the bottle of wine that was donated by Fast Manicou by being the first to down your beer without using your hands. Well done!

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