Hash #950

5 trails on 950 hashAC/ CD, Nutmed and Always Wet went all out for this big event giving us a choice of 5 trails to choose from.

The 5 trails were all spectacular: an Ironman, Long Runner, Short Runner, Long Walker and Short Walker which made enjoying a trail that suits your capabilities a certainty.

The hash was held in Willis and hosted in Horeb Pasture – which gave us a spacious field to gather before and after the hash, which was necessary as we had a great big turnout for this hash. Well done to the food and drinks – we did not run out of either and had a interesting variety of food available.

The hares were kind enough to arrange a deluge of rain a couple of days before the hash which made for some lovely muddy bush trails.  A fun time was certainly had by all – this was probably one of the best hash trails of the year – lots f bush and very little road. Thank-you guys!