Hash #954

Hash #954Hash #954 was held at Chickie’s Bar, New Hampshire, St, George’s, so we had some really lovely countryside and bush available.

The hare Girl Guide (Jamar) made full use of every hill and slope to create what some hashers were calling an “endurance” runners trail!

The runners trail was fantastic, with lots of scrambling up steep hills and sliding down muddy slopes and at times it felt like we did most of the trail at a 45 degree angle. Dogs were pushed up the really steep slopes and quite a few hashers took the easy way down some of  the muddy slopes (on their rear ends)!

The walkers had an easy trail – too easy and short for some of them and a few serious walkers did the walkers trail twice.

Unfortunately for Jamar, he received a down down for the too short walkers trail and for Doggy Style spraining her ankle on his trail (which she managed to do on the only non slippery flat section of the trail).

954bCommando our hash mistress, Jawise and quite a few other hashers with birthdays in November, all received their birthday Carib’s. The after hash lime was enjoyed by all, with lots of dancing, good food, drinks and music.

Thanks Girl Guide – it was definitely a trail to remember!