Hash #977

Hash #977Hash #977 was held on 22nd April 2017 at Chocolate City Bar, Richmond, St. Andrew. The hare for the hash Chearvon “Cheap Fares” Benjamin chose a beautiful area for a good bush trail and we had not been in that particular region for a little while.

“Cheap Fares” and helpers which included ‘New Vagina” and “Crisis” set 3 trails, a short walkers, long walkers and a runners trail.  Firstly I must compliment the hares on a super bush trail which showed a lot of enthusiasm in looking for good routes and trying to get the hashers to see waterfalls and  a few river crossings. BUT – why oh why – make all the runners and long walkers do a 1 mile detour to see a waterfall only to turn around and go back along the same trail. This backfired in that only the first 4 or 5 runners went all the way to the waterfall, as soon as everyone saw us coming back, they turned around and headed back – this could have been avoided by making it a loop.

Hash #977The other issue was that the long walkers and runners trails were too long, we had many, many hashers coming back very late and some after dark and after the ceremony. Our Hashmaster “Grab De Pussy” did his second week in a row after hash ceremony in the dark! Luckily all the virgins were back to get de-virginised and a bad hasher was punished for the multiple crimes of picking fruit, avoiding the virgin ceremony and not christening her new shoes. “Grab de Pussy” received a birthday down down via the Wizards Sleeve and “Cheap Fares” received a down down for putting up HHH signs a little late.

Food, beer and music was good and eventually all the hashers did return from their “longer than 1 hour” ordeal in the bush.  Thank-you hares – although the trails were long – they were great bush trails that took a lot of effort and time to set.

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